New Employee Orientation Simulation and Bootcamp

New Employee Orientation Bootcamp

Speed to Client Productivity for New Hires

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Customized New Employee Orientation Simulation

“I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed working with LSA on the design and delivery of the New Employee Orientation Simulation. I’ve been getting tons of positive unsolicited feedback. You truly exceeded everyone’s expectations.”
Steven Gray | US Enterprise Services | Microsoft

“We partnered with LSA to help custom design, deliver, and measure an advanced new employee orientation simulation and measurement process. The process was well thought out and bought into by leadership. The combination of targeted tools, technology, coaching, performance plans, training and reinforcement made all the difference.”
Rochana Golani | Director, Global Field Readiness | VMware, Inc.

“The experiential New Employee Orientation Simulation was an incredible success for over 2500 new hires in four years across the globe. LSA partnered with us to create an innovative solution on very short notice, and added a huge amount of value that isn’t reflected in their cost. Even our experienced hires were blown away!”
Brenda Wagner | Founder and President | Proxicom

The traditional approach to “on-boarding” — sitting your new hire down with a stack of reading materials, providing access to eLearning modules, or putting them through a series of PowerPoint presentations — doesn’t do much to explain how the organization truly functions or to help them succeed in their new job.  An effective New Employee Orientation Simulation focuses on what matters most to new employees, their hiring manager, and the business.

If you are concerned about speed to productivity for new hires, then this customized and experiential new employee on-boarding approach is for you.

This multi-day, experiential based New Employee Orientation Simulation helps fast growing service and technology companies to substantially decrease the time it takes for new employees to perform at high-levels internally and at a client. This is especially true for new employees that must deal with:

  • Selling, delivering, or servicing custom solutions
  • Demanding clients
  • Increasing project complexity
  • Managing client expectations
  • Leading or working in project teams

This proven New Employee Orientation Simulation provides a platform to introduce company-specific content and methodologies to new employees and have them use it in a reality-based case experience that replicates what they will experience on the job and in the field.

Learning / Facilitation Approach:

  1. Assess & Design
    Custom design a multi-day, experiential new employee orientation that reflects a company’s specific business objectives, work structures, and common challenges such as:

    •  managing change and personal transitions
    •  company strategy, values, marketplace, and value propositions
    •  career development and advancement
    •  products, services, and functions
    •  conflict management
    •  project management, scope creep, and problem solving
    •  presentations, public speaking, and meeting management
    •  consulting, communications, and teaming
    •  solution selling, company methodologies, and technologies
    •  politics, resources, and mentoring
    •  strategic thinking

  2. Pilot
    Run the multi-day experiential program and have people work on job tasks and situations that require them to address and resolve real, predefined, and reality-based challenges. Facilitate and debrief team outcomes to provide people with a deep learning experience that helps them see the relationships between their results, their actions, and operating paradigms.
  3. Continuous Improvement
    Incorporate feedback and lessons learned into ongoing on boarding processes.

Participants are fully engaged: They are doing and learning.

  • Speed to Productivity
    Up to a 50%+ reduction in time required for new employees to add value because the sessions are highly focused on what people need to know and do.
  • Increased Client Satisfaction and Service Levels
    Learning that’s directly applicable to internal and external client project situations and project delivery.
  • Time and Money Savings
    More prepared employees require less support, less damage control, and have greater productivity.
  • Increased Morale and Sense of Culture
    New employees create bonds that increase information sharing, morale, and cultural normalization.
  • Increased Consistency and Application of Methodology
    Through experiential practice and application, new employees become advocates and “super users” of key processes methodologies.
  • Increased Cross Selling of Services
    Increasing awareness of multiple service offerings and their connections increases both cross and referral selling between business units, practice areas, industry verticals, and geographies.

Target Audience
Experienced and inexperienced new employees.

What new hires say about new employee on-boarding:

  • “This exceeded all of my expectations as a new hire.”
  • “The level of support I received from the company, my manager, and my mentor was refreshing.  I feel set up to succeed from the start.”
  • “This is the best new hire process that I have ever been through.  The new hire Survivors’ Guide is my new bible.”

What hiring managers say about new employee on-boarding:

  • “Having a proven and consistent process to get my new hires up to speed has been a godsend.  I could not meet our growth targets without it.”
  • “As a hiring manager, I was at first skeptical of the process. Now, I mandate that all new employees go through the new hire orientation process because it saves me time and dramatically increases their speed to productivity.”
  • “The difference between new hires who went through the new on-boarding program and those that did not is astounding.”
  • “While I fought it at first, it is now mandatory for all my people.”
  • “Changing our new hire orientation from an event to a measurable process made all the difference.  It is embarrassing to think that most companies do it backwards.”

To speak with an LSA Expert and learn about new employee orientation and on-boarding training program customization and delivery options to increase the speed of new hire productivity, please contact us.

Related Information

LSA Global has been a great partner in helping us move toward being “the leading developer of talent in the service performance management industry.” I have engaged LSA to help develop best-in-class programs in the areas of: Executive On-boarding, Manager Training, Sales Training, Employee Engagement and Instructional Design. They have consistently met or exceeded my (very) high expectations and are always responsive to my needs.

Mike Normant
Senior Director, Training & Development

Service Source

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed working with LSA on the design and delivery of the experiential new employee on-boarding training. I’ve been getting tons of positive unsolicited feedback. You truly exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Steven Gray
US Enterprise Services

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with how well the new employee on-boarding project went. The end product is wonderful! LSA has been great to work with. I really appreciate all the flexibility, customer focus, and the high quality of your deliverables.

Laurie Torres
Vice President of Human Resources


We partnered with LSA to help custom design, deliver, and measure an advanced new employee on-boarding process. It well thought out and bought into by sales leadership. The combination of targeted sales tools, technology, coaching, performance plans, training, and reinforcement made all the difference.  The solution quantifiably improved new employee and hiring manager satisfaction and increased the speed to sales quota for new hires. I would highly recommend LSA Global for any sales enablement team looking to increase the engagement and speed to productivity of their sales force. We are excited to implement the program globally as we continue to scale.

Rochana Golani
Director, Global Field Readiness

We hired LSA Global to design and deliver a customized outdoor experiential new employee orientation program for our recent group of MBA new hires. The program reinforced WIPRO core values, helped to build relationships with fellow associates, and enhanced the group’s ability to operate successfully in the global world. I definitely recommend LSA for effective employee onboarding.

Vishu Venkat, PHR
Talent Acquisition

We held our 1st Year Academy for our new associates last week, and the segment that LSA helped us redesign went exceptionally well. Their instructional design skills made it more relevant, more interactive, and more engaging. We greatly appreciate what LSA did to help us greatly improve a key component of our program!

Larry Brown
Senior Manager, Training & Professional Development

The experiential New Employee Orientation was an incredible success for 2,500+ new hires over 4 years spread across the globe. They partnered with us to create an innovative solution on very short notice and added a huge amount of value. We could never have done it without their unmatched combination of expertise, professionalism, and creativity that aligned everything with our unique culture. Even our experienced hires were blown away!

Brenda Wagner
Founder and President


The customized new hire on-boarding process, coaching, tools, and measurement have provided a very useful structure and frame for the first 90-days for both me and our new hires. It has been a very positive experience and will make it much easier to on-board my new hires.

Martyn Storey
Systems Engineer Manager

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