Business Presentation Skills Training

Business Presentation Skills Training

How to Turn Business Presentation Skills into a Competitive Advantage

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“LSA’s customized Business Presentation Skills training program has helped us elevate our presentation skills to the next level.  

I definitely recommend this solution to anyone for whom business presentations are an integral part of their job.”
Jim Elliot | Senior Marketing Manager | Samsung

“The business presentation skills and techniques are a big hit with our staff!

This highly customized training is so much better than most and the targeted tools are available for immediate use. 

We are delighted with the results.
Stacy Jacobs | L&D Manager | US Pharmacopeia 

Many top-performing organizations have built their presentation abilities into a source of powerful competitive advantage. This business presentation skills training workshop is focused on developing your presentation skills into a source of significant competitive advantage for you and for your organization.

This experiential learn-by-doing process is specifically designed to strengthen your business presentation skills and communications flexibility so you can be audience-centric, clear, credible, and persuasive — particularly when the stakes are high.

Extensive video-taped practices, individualized expert coaching, and highly-effective proprietary content planning tools are employed to build applicable skills.

Learn how to better understand your audience, speak to audience needs, get your ideas across clearly, and persuasively, interact with your audience in a natural and authentic way, and deliver highly credible presentations at work that have long-lasting, positive impacts.

Learning Objectives

  • Quickly organize their thoughts and data for clarity and positive impact
  • Present their ideas and information with confidence and credibility
  • Use verbal and non-verbal techniques that build trust
  • Employ proven techniques for using visual aids effectively
  • Constructively deal with tough or challenging questions
  • Interact with their audience and be “real”
  • Adapt their presentations for different audiences

This business presentation skills training workshop uses videotaped practices and professional feedback to build skills that will serve the participants for a lifetime.

You will be expertly coached on research-backed communication and presentation skills and techniques that will enable you to get your messages across confidently with clarity, credibility, and enthusiasm.

Target Audience

Managers, executives, and professionals who, to be successful, must effectively present ideas to audiences inside or outside of the organization.

To speak with an LSA expert and learn about the effective business presentation skills training customization and delivery options onsite at your company, please contact us. You can also ask us about public program options for individuals.

Related Information

We selected LSA over a handful of other experts to assist with a key sales leadership imperative. LSA added value every step of the way throughout the entire engagement. Their customized approach to sales presentation training exceeded expectations, and we are excited about global implementation across our offices in more than 100 countries.

LSA’s unique Strategy-to-Results approach is an added game changer.  I recommend them to anyone looking to get high quality results when it matters most.

Eric Mugele
Executive Director Global Learning

Grant Thornton

The LSA Global team was very receptive and flexible to our needs every step of the way.  Their attention to detail and responsiveness was top notch.

The participants were thrilled with the outcome and rated the customized Presentation and Communication Skills Workshop as ‘Excellent’.

I’d highly recommend working with LSA Global to meet your important professional development needs.

John Mastrorilli
FRDP Leader


The Next Generation Management Training Programs have absolutely helped me collaborate and communicate more effectively with my peers and teammates.

By utilizing effective communication techniques such as clarifying and confirming, and asking open ended questions, I have been able to clarify and understand information in situations where I would have otherwise asked limited questions and made false assumptions.

Robert Breckner
Firmware Engineering Manager

LSA helped our teams to better synthesize and effectively present ideas and information to leadership decision-makers in a way that conveys value, obtains buy-in, and secures key next steps.

I highly recommend them for anyone looking to improve their ability to present to executives.  Thank you!

Karen VanKampen
Director, Learning and Development

usp logo lsa global

Our company engaged LSA to do a specialized business presentation skills and a “train the trainer” program.

They outdid our exceptionally high standards.

The upfront work to interview key members and customize everything to our unique situation made all the difference. Thanks to everyone!

Frank Abbott
Chief Financial Officer

LSA’s customized Effective Presentation Skills program has helped us elevate our presentation skills to the next level. I personally now have a much greater self-awareness of my presentation skills and can leverage my strengths while working to improve upon other areas.

I definitely recommend LSA Global to anyone for whom presentations are an integral part of their job.

Jim Elliott
Senior Marketing Manager


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