Leadership Toolkit

Leadership Toolkit

Leadership Best Practices Toolkit Download.

Best Practices Leadership Toolkit containing 14 research-backed leadership strategy, high performing culture, and talent management tools and insights for leaders to get aligned and grow 58% faster, be 72% more profitable and engage employees 16.8-to-1.

The research-backed LSA Leadership Toolkit provides leaders with key published best practices, insights, and tools from industry experts in the areas of business strategy, organizational culture, high performance teams, and talent management best practices.

The leadership toolkit is backed by research to improve leadership effectiveness 8.71-to-1 by aligning organizational culture and talent with a clear, believable, and implementable business strategy, Examples include:

  • How Strategic Clarity Distinguishes High Performing Leaders – The Elite 6%.  Is your strategy set up to win?
  • Do You Have a High Performance Culture Required to Drive Your Strategy?  It is your job as a leader to understand, shape, and align your corporate culture to increase performance.
  • Top 5 Warning Signs that Your Performance Environment May Be In Trouble. What to look out for as a leader in your organization.
  • How Leaders Break Down Silos and Resolve Cross-Unit Conflicts.  To compete at speed, it is critical that companies find ways to work collaboratively across internal boundaries and break down silos.
  • 6 Traps That Can Sabotage Success as a Leader.  An analysis of thousands of 360° feedback reports highlights the weaknesses that can undo even the most promising new leaders.
  • A Complimentary Strategic Clarity Assessment.  Benchmark your strategy to see if it is clear, believable and implementable enough.

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