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The critical few strategies matter most

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“Having tripled in size and recently merged, LSA helped our executive team with strategic clarity facilitation to increase our level of strategic alignment, solidify our new direction, and push our agency forward. As we look to rapidly scale, the clear and actionable critical few strategic moves combined with how we differentiate ourselves to our top accounts and target clients has really set us on a great path to success.

This is exactly what we needed to get to the next level.”

Matt Britton | CEO | MRY, a Publicis Groupe Company

“LSA Global rocks! Thank you for helping our executive team create a clear and powerful strategic direction and go to market plan that we could all commit to. From a sales growth perspective, I am really energized about the outcome and grateful for what I have learned throughout the strategic clarity facilitation process.”

Stacey Wong | VP Sales | Servicon Systems

“We partnered with LSA Global to help us create a clear, compelling, believable, and implementable strategy that the executive team could fully commit to and support. Having recently completed an acquisition that doubled our size and geographic reach, we needed to redefine our “go forward” plan to address the increasing commoditization of our marketplace.

I was very impressed with the thoughtful and practical way that LSA Global was able to bring our leadership teams together to gain focus, buy-in, and commitment to the strategic plan that we created together.”

Jon Troen | CEO | Miterra Group

“The last 3 days working on our HR Strategy were so eye opening. I feel so much better prepared to be successful as a leader individually and collectively with the entire HR leadership team to drive our growth strategy forward in a way that makes sense.”

Kristin Talastas | Director, HR Shared Services | Lucid Motors

The Value of Strategic Clarity
Our organizational alignment research found that strategic clarity accounts for 31 percent of difference between high and low performance in terms of revenue growth, profitability, customer loyalty, leadership effectiveness, and employee engagement.

The Problem Faced by Leaders
A survey by the Rotman School of Management found that a whopping 43 percent of managers cannot state their own strategy.  Our own research found that strategic priorities become half as clear one level outside of the executive team.  It is difficult for both leaders and followers to perform at their peak without a clear, meaningful, and agreed upon direction.

Yet many teams find themselves – either consciously or unconsciously – moving too quickly or in too many different directions to create and clearly articulate a solid corporate, business unit, team, or sales strategy for success. Some say they do not have the time. Others think their strategy is already clear enough.  But when you ask employees at all levels, organizational ambiguity reigns.

Unfortunately the lack of strategic clarity not only hampers short-term performance but also long-term organizational health.  Effective strategies provide crystal clear reasoning why the company, function or team does what it does and how specific actions should lead to superior performance.  Unclear strategies cause important choices, priorities, and trade-offs to become blurred.

What A Clear Strategy Does
Even those organizations or teams that think they have a strategy to get them where they want to go may have just enough direction or operational planning to stay in the game – but not to win it.  To succeed, leaders must be crystal clear on goals (where the organization is headed) and strategies (how it is going to get there).

  • A good strategy guides the undertakings of the organization, provides rationales for resource allocation, and sharpens decision-making at every level.
  • A bad strategy creates ambiguity and opens the door to politics, bad choices, and lower performance.

When faced with negative pressures from unclear strategies, many leaders look to reorganize because the changes are visible, quick and concrete.  Our alignment research shows that this is a mistake.  It is far more important to first create a strategy that is clear enough, believable enough, and implementable enough to win the hearts and minds of your constituents.

Getting Strategy Right
You will know that you are headed in the right direction in terms of strategic clarity facilitation when your company, function, business unit, or team strategy is:

  • Clear
    Conveyed and understood on one page (see One Page Strategy Communication Map examples)
  • Relevant
    Used to guide your leadership team and their direct reports in making day-to-day operating decisions
  • Compelling
    Not derailed or steamrolled in times of crisis
  • Agile
    Constructively and openly discussed, refined, measured, and evolved
  • Executed
    Implemented consistently across the company
  • Meaningful
    A source of motivation and focus for your employees (some clients like Graphic Illustration)

Go-to-Market Sales Strategy
You will know that you are headed in the right direction in terms of strategic clarity facilitation when your go-to-market sales strategy outlines:

  • Target Clients
    Your ideal target client where you should win the majority of the time
  • Differentiation
    What differentiates you from the competition in the eyes of your target clients in a way that drives premium pricing, increases qualified lead generation, and improves customer retention
  • Success Metrics
    How sales success and failure will be measured at the corporate, team, and individual levels
  • Sales Processes
    The critical few sales processes that matter most in terms of meeting your sales targets and executing your sales strategy
  • Sales Barriers
    The top 10 barriers to sales success over the next 12 to 36 months
  • Action Plan
    An action plan to execute your sales strategy and overcome the key barriers

HR Strategy
You will know that you are headed in the right direction in terms of strategic clarity when your HR strategy is fully aligned with the business strategy and outlines an aligned plan to:

  • Attract Top Talent
    How you will attract and hire top talent to support the company’s strategic priorities.
  • Develop Top Talent
    How you will build the knowledge, skills, competencies, and confidence for people to perform at their peak in a way that makes sense to their career aspirations and the business priorities.
  • Engage & Retain Top Talent
    How you will build a healthy, high performing, and aligned workplace culture to drive inclusivity, equality, diversity, discretionary effort, advocacy, loyalty, performance, and retention where it matters most.
  • Create Efficient and Scalable People Systems, Processes & Analytics
    How you will ensure the employee experience is proactively supported both now and in the future.
  • Overcome Key HR Barriers
    How you will socialize and overcome the top HR barriers to success.
  • Take Meaningful Action
    How you will create enough alignment, transparency, accountability, and agility to execute your HR strategy and overcome key barriers in a way that makes sense to the people and to the business.

Until then, you have some work to do. Please contact us if you want to take the first step toward strategic clarity with proven strategic clarity facilitation.

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To succeed, executives must be crystal clear on goals (where the organization is headed) and strategies (how it is going to get there).  A good strategy guides the undertakings of the organization, provides rationales for resource allocation, and sharpens decision-making at every level.

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We recently hired LSA to help us take our client delivery methodology to the next level as we continue to grow and help our clients succeed. The custom strategy and design session exceeded our expectations. They really understood our business and delivered within tight time frames.  They were the best I have seen for this type of complex, visible, and strategic work. LSA’s ability to get a group of 20+ executives from around the globe on the same page, push their thinking to new heights, and ensure an executable plan was excellent. I would recommend LSA to anyone looking to take their strategy and strategic execution to the next level.

Rob Sturgeon
EVP Client Delivery

Service Source

LSA has a very unique and powerful methodology regarding learning. Their ability to overcome skepticism, obtain executive support, and create an aligned learning strategy that provides measurable business impact is second to none. They understand your goals, flex to your needs, and solve problems. They certainly help make my job easier and are a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend LSA to anyone trying to connect the dots between strategy, skills, knowledge, and results.

Noelle Van Vlierbergen
Human Resources Director


The LSA customized Organizational Alignment Survey gave us a comprehensive view of how our employees experience our culture, talent and strategy.  Equally important, the survey and implementation process goes well beyond the typical engagement survey.  The systemic approach provided us with a great forum to discuss the strengths and opportunities in our organization, and then to quickly get focused on the key actions critical to executing our business and people strategies.

Mark Forrest
General Manager, FSM Division


This was an extremely effective executive strategy session that helped our executive leadership team efficiently navigate through our core strategic objectives. It was exactly what we needed.  The approach was practical and valuable for our specific business and market. I would recommend LSA to anyone looking to push their strategic planning and growth to the next level.

Blake Krikorian

Having tripled in size and recently merged, LSA helped our executive team to increase our level of strategic alignment, to solidify our new direction, and to push our agency forward. As we look to rapidly scale, the clear, actionable, and critical few strategic moves combined with how we differentiate ourselves to our top accounts and target clients has really set us on a great path to success. This is exactly what we needed to get to the next level.

Matt Britton

We selected LSA Global over 5 other companies to help our key executives improve their overall communication and executive presentation capabilities. LSA exceeded our expectations.  I highly recommend LSA to any executive team looking to better organize and more effectively deliver key executive-level messages when the stakes are high.

Todd Power
Office of the CEO

We consider LSA our true business partner in the areas of Learning and Organizational Development. From Strategic Facilitation and Planning to Presentation Skills and Management Training, they continue to provide excellent value and extremely high quality solutions that make an impact. I recommend them to anyone looking to drive true business results.

Michelle A. Mitchell
Vice President, Worldwide Human Resources

The action-learning leadership project has been very beneficial to me, our leadership team, and the entire organization. The balance of development and results has been excellent. We have made huge progress, and I was also able to identify 2-3 high potentials while having the extra benefit of people stepping up to carry key strategic projects forward. The experience was better than anticipated.  I could not be more pleased.

Heather Feltman
President & CEO


LSA was very thorough during all phases of our customer service strategy process: the pre-meeting, the meeting and post-meeting. Their time spent with management and our employees went very well. LSA’s write-up of what was said was very insightful. Their suggestions for the future were also very valuable. I can’t think of any phase of the process that wasn’t first class.

John Lynch
CEO & President


Great job in designing the Mergers and Acquisition strategy session for our global leadership team. The session was excellent. I gained additional insight on the importance of the role of HR regarding strategy, culture, and people in Mergers and Acquisitions.

Gloria Veon
Senior Vice President, Human Resources


You have become our premier change leadership strategic partner. Your expertise in the human side of change is unparalleled and enabled our company to successfully implement our ERP Solution under challenging and ever-changing circumstances.

Ted Ramlet


We got great value from the executive strategy session.  We would not hesitate to use LSA again with our Executive Leadership Team.

Natalie McCullough
Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer

Service Source

LSA’s executive coach based his approach on understanding our business circumstances and strategy, as well as our leadership aspirations. The customized coaching covered all aspects of leadership; it was not simply a touchy-feely endeavor. In fact, the focus on clear business outcomes and real life circumstances challenged me to develop my thinking and actions related to leading the business.”

Janet Pagano
Managing Director


Thank you for a great leadership development session today. The facilitator was brilliant. The team got a lot out of it (as did I). I believe it will help us create an even higher performance culture by ensuring we have a common understanding of how to create higher performance and work toward clear and common strategic goals.

Simon Jefferson
Managing Director


As a high growth digital marketing agency with cutting edge talent, we hired LSA Global to help clarify our strategy and work with our executive leadership team to help implement strategic changes in a way that made sense for our unique culture. The work was so successful that we also hired them to coach our key leaders. LSA has been instrumental in helping us transition to a new leadership team and triple revenue. In this age of useless consultants, I highly recommend their practical and business-oriented approach to strategy, culture, and talent.

David Bentley
General Manager


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