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“We have found LSA to be highly responsive to meeting our unique project management training program needs. Their passion for high levels of customer satisfaction and quality align very closely with our core values.  Kudos to LSA Global for the program that they provided my team. It was exactly what I wanted, and your team did a great job of engaging our group and providing the solid Project Management skills that we need.”

Laura McHugh | Director  | Gilead Sciences

While almost every industry and profession continue to commit a greater proportion of their time and resources to key projects, up to 75% of their mission critical projects continue to fail to meet original stakeholder expectations.   Our clients tell us that they have become the anomaly by completing simple and complex projects successfully that meet or exceed original cost, quality and time parameters.

With more internal and external work being accomplished by co-located and remote projects teams, the need for rock solid project leaders and team members who can effectively define, plan, execute and control projects of all shapes and sizes has grown exponentially.

Project management training programs, methodologies and tools provide an effective approach that allows different work teams, resources, budgets and tasks to all be managed and implemented to achieve better and faster results.

Done right, an effective project management training program allows your teams to beat the odds by increasing the quality and volume of deliverables, meeting and exceeding internal and external stakeholder expectations, preventing cost overruns, reducing scope creep, mitigating risks, and improving communication, conflict management, problem solving, planing and change management.

LSA Global uses project management experts with PMP certification from the Project Management Institute (PMI) and Microsoft to help to:

  1. Turn around troubled projects.
  2. Create the foundation for successful projects and project teams.
  3. Take Project Management Practices to the next level.
  4. Implement MS Project and MS Project Server.
  5. Improve project timing, project costs, and project quality.

Project Management Training Program options

Please contact us to learn how our project management training program and project management consulting expertise has helped leading organizations in the areas of:

  1. Project Management Assessment
  2. Project Management (PMP) Certification
  3. Project Management Office (PMO) and Strategy
  4. Project Planning and Risk Management
  5. Project Kickoff and Definition
  6. Project Post Mortems and Retrospectives
  7. Project Management for Non-Project Managers

We look forward to the opportunity of helping you successfully define, plan, and execute projects through improving project management skills, better processes, effective technologies, and proven methodologies.

For helpful Project Management Templates, please go to: Project Management Templates.

Related Information

LSA’s Customized Project Management workshop exceeded our expectations. The facilitator was a true expert in both the content and our industry. They really understood our priorities and helped us learn not only the best practices in Project Management, but how to apply them to our specific environment. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to create the foundation for successful projects and project teams.

Dave Musolf
Director Program Management


We hired LSA to design and deliver a Project Post Mortem for sixty five key people on a mission critical project with a very tight turnaround. LSA’s ability to identify the key trends, leverage points, and next steps was remarkable. They really got to the heart of the issues in a constructive and unbiased manner that exceeded our expectations. It was not an easy task with so many skeptical people with different agendas, styles, experience, and perspectives.

Darrell Gallagher
Head of Studio

Crystal Dynamics

LSA’s Project Management facilitator is one of the best I have ever worked with. His efforts and work in teaching complex and intensive Project Management principles across all levels and backgrounds within our organization have been of the highest value.

Leslie Guzman
Learning and Development


Thanks for a great and valuable session. The Project Management expertise and methodology that you brought to the table was perfectly targeted to our needs and our company. You definitely helped us launch an important step in driving best practice company standards around project management. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone looking to improve project management skills and methodologies.

Bill Thayer
VP Field Operations


ServiceSource has relied on LSA Global’s expertise for a variety of core initiatives, from strategy design and implementation, to business sales skills, to sales coaching. We recently engaged LSA Global to create a competency matrix for our inside sales team that will serve as our roadmap for employee on-boarding, development, succession planning, and retention. This project had a tight timeline with high visibility. LSA Global completed the deliverable ahead of schedule and surpassed our expectations.

PMO and Outside Sales Operations
Senior Vice President

Service Source

We turned to LSA Global to help us take our project risk management practices to the next level. As we continue to grow and our projects are increasing significantly in complexity, it is imperative that we incorporate risk management best practices deeper into our Delivery and Project Management methodologies to continue to increase productivity, efficiency, and client satisfaction. I am really happy with the results and would recommend LSA to anyone looking to take project risk management to the next level.

Scott Wassmer
US Director of Production


LSA did a great job. The project management solution was really well done from both a content and approach perspective. Overall a very positive experience that provided a lot of value. They really understood the art and science of project management and the specifics of our industry.

Laxmi Peri
VP Technology & Product Development


The project management training program was fantastic. It could not have gone any better.  It was extremely helpful to me as a manager to be strategic during a time of explosive growth and change. It was fully customized to our industry and our needs, everyone came out of it with a solid direction of next steps.  We are excited to take the next steps with LSA Global and to implement the project management best practices in a way that works for our unique culture.

Karen M. Inzilla
Director, Sales Operations

Blackhawk Network

We have found LSA to be highly responsive to meeting our unique needs in learning and development. Their passion for high levels of business relevancy, customer satisfaction and quality align very closely with our core values.  Kudos to LSA Global.  They delivered exactly what I wanted under ever-changing conditions.

Laura McHugh
Director of Training and Organizational Development


We recently designed and implemented two high value Project Management Workshops with LSA. The goal was to improve the fundamental project management skills for less experienced project managers and team members and to prepare our experienced project managers to become PMP certified. The programs were very well received and additional sessions have been requested. Both facilitators were excellent, building strong rapport with our scientists and taking time to encourage & answer questions. Based upon the results and the feedback around the company, the next workshops are already full. I highly recommend LSA to any company looking to take their project management skills to the next level.

Stacey Porter
Senior Manager Learning & Development


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