LSA Global Delivers High Tech Project Post Mortem

LSA Global Delivers High Tech Project Post Mortem
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Redwood Shores, CA – LSA Global, the leading business consulting, coaching, and training firm that helps fast growth life science, technology, and service companies by powerfully aligning their culture and talent with strategy, today announced results for a High Tech Project Post Mortem for a leading high tech company creating a new product line.

  • 93% Job Relevance
  • 94.8% Satisfaction
  • 87.0% Net Promoter Score
  • Agreed upon top ten actions to directly improve future project results

This innovative and global high tech company decided not to launch a significant and strategic two-year hardware and software project that had approximately 50 project team members. The project was highly visible, unsuccessful, and politically charged. Approximately 80 percent of the project team members were PhD’s and engineers and more than half were on the project for the full 2 years.

The initial executive project sponsor was let get go prior to the High Tech Project Post Mortem session, there was no clear overall project manager, the company culture tended to encourage to over-complication and over-analysis, and 15 of the project team members were in Asia working remotely in a very different time zones and culture.

As you can imagine, project team members were frustrated with the project results, were showing signs of disengagement, and were at risk of leaving — especially top talent.  Leadership agreed that unless the next new projects are done differently, the same problems could occur with potentially even more dire results.

For this high stakes High Tech Project Post Mortem, leadership wanted a fresh and unbiased retrospective to create shifts in mindsets, behaviors, and outcomes across different disciplines and functions by:

  1. Getting Everything Out on the Table
    So that everyone feels heard and an honest discussion can take place
  2. Reflecting and Learning
    Capture and distill key lessons (e.g., what is working, what is not working, barriers to success) to-date that matter most for their unique strategy, context, and situation
  3. Identifying Key Actions
    Convert the lessons into the critical few key and practical actions for future titles (that will actually have support and happen) so that the individuals, teams, and studio are set up to succeed in a way that makes sense from both a people and business perspective

The scope included reviewing relevant project and product documentation related to the project and its current project management processes, conducting interviews with key stakeholders, administering a customized project best practice assessment for 50 stakeholders, and facilitating a virtual project post mortem session to help create closure, gather feedback, and agree upon next steps that will actually get implemented in their unique culture.

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