Organizational Alignment for Leaders – The Key Ingredient for Higher Performance

Organizational Alignment: Strategy +  Culture + Talent

Organizational alignment for leaders matters.  

Just as a misaligned car causes bigger performance problems down the road and a misaligned vertebrae can cause a wide variety of health issues, misaligned strategy, culture, and talent at a business causes poor short-term performance and unsustainable long-term organizational health.

We have all experienced organizations where things were harder than they needed to be or where the potential was not fulfilled.  Organizational alignment for leaders helps companies to fire on all cylinders so that people and businesses can perform at their peak.

Based upon our organizational alignment research of 410 companies across eight industries, highly aligned organizations grow revenue 58% faster and are 72% more profitable while significantly outperforming their unaligned peers in terms customer retention, customer satisfaction, leadership effectiveness, and employee engagement.

In short, we define strategy as the “what,” culture as the “how,” and talent as the “who.”  The “why” permeates across strategy, culture, and talent.  When an organizations “what,” “how,” and “who” are aligned and supported by a clear and compelling “why,” it is amazing what can be accomplished.

Do not get fooled into making isolated strategy, culture or talent moves that do not lead your company forward.  Neither talent, nor culture, nor strategy alone will produce the results you want. Organizational alignment is the missing ingredient required to create higher and more sustainable performance.

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