5 Proven Ways to Better Business Presentations

5 Proven Ways to Better Business Presentations
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Does Your Team Need to Give Better Business Presentations?

Your job may require many presentations per quarter – each on similar topics to similar audiences. How do you give better business presentations each time you present and, at the same time, keep fresh?

The answer is probably not in more technical presentation skills training. It probably lies in your own analysis of your skills, your own determination to continuously improve, and your willingness to accept and act upon feedback.

5 Proven Ways to Better Business Presentations

Based upon feedback from hundreds of executive speech training and coaching sessions, here is a common sense way to think about the differences between top and not-so-great presenters. Great presenters know how to:

  1. Be Authentic
    You should be the same person on the stage as you are off the stage. The audience can sense when you try to pull off a split personality. When you are less than genuine, they are less than engaged.

    Do not be afraid to show some vulnerability; your audience will appreciate your candor and respond positively to your revealing your human side. And do not be afraid to show your passion; your heightened emotion can be very compelling.

  2. Connect with Your Audience
    This is more than simply having good eye contact. It is about understanding who is out there and what they care about. Speak personally to your listeners and stick around afterward to answer any specific questions they may have.

    This is how to show you truly care about their needs and issues.

  3. Focus in the Moment
    No matter how busy your life is behind the scenes, when you are presenting you need to convince your audience that they are the focus of your attention. You need to be in the here and now or you risk losing them. Do whatever it takes to concentrate on your objective for the presentation and do not lose sight of your goal until you have left the scene.

  4. Tell Illustrative Stories
    Your audience is far more likely to remember a story that illustrates your point than all the stats you have gathered along the same lines. Be prepared to tell a story, clearly and concisely, that reinforces your message.

  5. Stay in Control
    There are so many ways that your audience’s attention can stray. You need to be able to read what’s going on out there and adjust as necessary. What if the CEO enters the room and everyone is suddenly on edge?

    Acknowledge and welcome him/her, give a brief recap of what has happened so far, and continue on while everyone settles down and is ready to listen again. The key is to be flexible and make decisions on the spot that keep you and your audience on track.

The Bottom Line
Presenting effectively at work is not easy. Audiences expect business presentations made to them to be crisp, clear, and credible, with the content precisely centered on their needs. Analyze your skills, be determined to continuously improve, and accept and act upon feedback.

If you want to learn more about how to give better business presentations, download How to Present to Senior Executives Like a Rock Star


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