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Research-backed Corporate Training Toolkit to Get Better Learning Results

17 Important training and development tools to help your learning solutions succeed.

In the last three decades, we have measured over 800 training projects.  While not surprising to those of us who have been in the talent development industry, the data is pretty alarming.  Corporate training alone, regardless of the level of customization or quality, only changes the on-the-job behavior and performance of 1-in-5 training participants.

This research-backed training toolkit was created with the help of clients and experts to help practitioners to beat the odds and to get meaningful and consistent business and people results.

The LSA Global Corporate Training Toolkit provides instructional designers and learning and development leaders with key published insights, tools, and assessments from industry experts about how to assess, design, deliver, and measure impactful, relevant, and effective corporate training that gets both business and people results.

Examples from the free talent development toolkit include:

  • How to do better training needs assessments every time
  • Top training questions to always ask if you want to get meaningful results
  • How to better measure training adoption and impact
  • 3 must-have steps for a smarter training initiative
  • How to consistently create training budgets that get approved by executives
  • The top training function warning signs to pay attention to right now
  • 5 most common training function strategies to consider
  • Key talent development mistakes to avoid
  • The top training roll-out strategies – the pro’s and con’s of each
  • A complimentary training readiness best practices assessment to see if your learning solution is set up for success

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