LSA Global Delivers Matrixed Leadership Training for Biotech Team Leaders

LSA Global Delivers Matrixed Leadership Training for Biotech Team Leaders
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Redwood Shores, CA – LSA Global, the leading business consulting, coaching, and training firm that helps fast growth life science, technology, and service companies by powerfully aligning their culture and talent with strategy, today announced results for a customized action learning leadership development program focused on Matrixed Leadership Training for Biotech Team Leaders. The training measurement results were:

  • 100% Job Relevance
  • 100% Satisfaction
  • 102% Knowledge Gain
  • 97.8% Net Promoter Score

This global biotech leader is shifting strategic growth plans and requires its top leaders to successfully design and build high performing teams that are aligned with a culture of accountability, a relentless focus on delivering results, a cross-functional mindset, and quality decision-making.  The target audience consisted of 125 team leaders, team members, and change catalysts.  This customized training program explored the leadership mindsets, behaviors, and skills needed to build and lead high-performing and high-functioning teams during a time of strategic and cultural change.

To get to where it wanted to go, the company wanted the Matrixed Leadership Training for Biotech Team Leaders to ensure its top leaders committed to three critical components to drive deep levels of inclusion and belonging:

  1. Psychological team safety
  2. Courageous followership
  3. Connectedness

To help ensure high-performing teams are delivering on-time, on-budget, and at or above expectations, teh key leadership modules included:

  • Building Collaborative Problem Solving
    This leadership development module focused on how to leverage collaboration moments of truth, frame the current situation, invite diverse perspectives, express impactful ideas, encourage constructive debate, explore decisive actions, and how to sustain aligned progress.  Leaders learned how to actively influence others with and without authority to get buy-in and commitment.
  • Increasing Self-Awareness
    We know from leadership simulation assessment data that self-awareness is a cornerstone of effective leadership. Biotech leaders learned how to understand their strengths, weaknesses, emotions, and impact on others.  They practiced research-based approaches to navigate complex situations, build strong relationships, and make informed decisions during times of uncertainty.
  • Improving Situational Agility
    A situational approach to management, the ability to swiftly and effectively respond to changing circumstances, is a critical skill for leaders who must influence individuals, teams, and functions with varied perspectives.  In a highly matrixed work environment, leaders learned how to heighten self-awareness, activate strategic thinking, create and assess organizational alignment, and utilize adaptive leadership approaches.
  • Improving Quality Decision Making
    The decision making training module covered the four phases of decision making, analyzed the most common types of decisions that Biotech Team Leaders were required to make, agreed upon the key questions to answer when framing and defining key decisions, reviewed the decision making process to define the scope and success criteria, and defined steps to accelerate a culture of quality decision-making.
  • Decreasing Stress
    Biotech Leaders learned how to reduce stress and increase resilience by better handling the ups and downs with grace, humility, and a clear sense of purpose.  They discussed how change resilience is not just about bouncing back but about growing stronger and a willingness to learn.  They created action plans to reduce employee burnout.

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