LSA Global Delivers New Biotech Leader Training for Scientists in Europe

LSA Global Delivers New Biotech Leader Training for Scientists in Europe
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Redwood Shores, CA – LSA Global, the leading business consulting, coaching, and training firm that helps fast growth life science, technology, and service companies by powerfully aligning their culture and talent with strategy, today announced results for a customized New Biotech Leader Training for Scientists in Europe for a leading biotechnology company that wanted emerging biotech leaders to learn how to better lead, manage, and coach teams of scientists. The new manager training results were:

  • 93.5% Job Relevance
  • 97.6% Satisfaction
  • 131% Knowledge Gain
  • 88% Net Promoter Score

This global biotech leader knew that transforming from a successful individual contributor to effectively leading people doesn’t happen by accident — especially with scientists and highly technical employees. They wanted select high potentials to understand, learn, and practice the leadership  mindsets and behaviors required to inspire, empower, and engage others to do their best work. The New Biotech Leader Training for Scientists in Europe focused on the daily implementation of new strategies and habits that build trust and confidence with teams to set the foundation for success in a highly diverse, unpredictable, and ambiguous environment.

The objective of the New Biotech Leader Training for Scientists in Europe was to inspire new or soon to be first time people leaders to optimize their leadership impact by successfully making the transition from being an individual contributor doing the work themselves, to leading others in doing the collective work of a high performing team.  Based upon best practices from people manager assessment data, the highly customized action learning for leadership development program focused on:

  • Leadership Vision and Impact
    Explore how you inspire, engage, and empower people around you by understanding your own story, transforming your identity from an individual contributor to a people leader, and defining a personal leadership brand that differentiates your unique value as a leader and builds trust and confidence with your peers, team, manager, and key stakeholders.
  • Leading in a Dynamic Environment
    Commit to critical “ways of working” habits designed to maintain focus and high impact results – clear line of sight, navigating stakeholder requests, meeting effectiveness, and your role in driving change.
  • Situational Intelligence
    Deepen the importance of establishing authentic relationships, understanding others’ perspectives, adapting your behavior based on the ways different people work, and consistently demonstrating a culture of accountability and compassion.
  • Communicate for Impact
    Position communication as a superpower by refining your ability to motivate with a clear vision, articulate a point of view, and engage in the courageous conversations essential to moving work forward with less rework and stress.
  • Influence and Motivation
    Focus on effective collaborations and the moments of truth where you have potential for targeted influence: framing a situation, engaging diverse perspectives, constructively exploring contributions, connecting the dots to move the work forward in a meaningful way.

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