People Manager Assessment Center

People manager assessment center

Research-backed and evidence-based manager assessment to hire, promote, and develop people managers

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“LSA’s People Manager Assessment Center gave us the trusted insights and powerful analytics that we needed to invest in hiring, promoting, and developing our people with certainty. Having the data helped us to make the right talent decisions.”
Vice President | Fortune 500 Technology Company

People managers impact everything from profits to productivity, employee engagement, and customer loyalty. Unfortunately, 60% of new people managers underperform during their first two years, and 85% receive no training prior to switching into the role of manager. Good people managers are getting harder to find, develop, and retain.

The good news is that the significant people manager failure risks can be prevented with the help of a People Manager Assessment Center that uses proven technology and research-backed behavioral science for:

  • Hiring High Performing People Managers
    Fairly and objectively assess internal and external managerial candidates for frontline and middle manager roles using and evidence-based and research-backed People Manager Assessment Center to accurately measure managerial performance and potential in a new role.

    Because managerial candidates must demonstrate their real-time management skills in a real-world scenario, the simulation combined with psychometric tests predicts people manager success better than any other applicant testing approach.
  • Developing High Performing People Managers
    Identify evidence-based competency gaps and deliver hyper-personalized individual development plans to in the areas of communicating, focusing on the customer, delegating, listening, caring, developing and leading teams, mentoring, coaching, leading change, persuading and influencing, planning and organizing, problem solving, implementing strategies, and thinking strategically.

    The combination of psychometric tests (personality and learning) with detailed people manager insights customized to align with your unique core competencies, enables targeted learning nudges and the tracking of micro-behavior improvement over time.

  • Succession Planning for People Manager Roles
    When it comes to identifying and developing managerial bench strength, this People Manager Assessment Center helps to better identify high-potentials and measure successor readiness for people manager roles. The fair, objective, and evidence-based approach also removes unconscious bias and personal preference from the succession planning process.

    Monitor and compare people managers on readiness in the target role, competency performance, and potential to grow for optimal succession planning. Proactively track the readiness of successors and strategically plan for future talent needs.
  • People Manager Assessment Center with 0.54 Predictive Validity
    The 3-hour “day-in-the-life” assessment places people managers in a relevant simulation of their future role to measure their readiness using live role-players for a realistic simulation experience. Customized capabilities are benchmarked against a global pool of people managers in similar roles to provide additional data points for comparison.

    The People Manager Assessment is for frontline people managers who lead teams of individual contributors and middle managers/directors who manage other managers. For executive leaders, please visit leadership simulation assessments for high stakes roles.

    Expected Results
    On average, managers and directors who follow the assessment-driven development plans:

    • improve skills by 11% in twelve months
    • are 6 times more likely to be retained
    • are 6 times more likely to be seen as a high-performer
    • report a 14% increase in engagement

    Having assessed over 10,000 people managers in over 40 countries around the world, the manager simulation assessment is available in Chinese, Dutch, English, French, Korean, Portuguese, Slovak, Spanish, and Turkish. 

    If you would like to use a proven People Manager Assessment Center to better identify, promote, and develop new managers, mid-level managers, and directors, please contact us.

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    We consider LSA our true business partner.

    From Strategic Facilitation and Planning to Presentation Skills and Management Training, they continue to provide excellent value and extremely high quality solutions that make an impact.

    I recommend them to anyone looking for a practical approach to drive true business and people results.

    Michelle A. Mitchell
    Vice President, Worldwide Human Resources

    I highly recommend LSA Global to anyone who is looking to improve individual and organizational effectiveness through highly customized and top quality leadership and management training programs.

    LSA’s broad range of expertise is a wonderful resource.

    Greg Pappas
    VP of Human Resources

    What a personal and professional pleasure it has been to partner with LSA. They are truly a strategic partner.

    LSA has delivered top notch management development programs and worked with key teams to build the targeted skills they need.

    LSA understands our business, our strategic initiatives, and the needs of our customers.  They have been a real blessing for our L&D team.

    Jeff Rangel
    Director of HR

    In the Next Generation Management Training Programs, I was trained with practical and relevant skills and tools that have made me and my team more productive, motivated, and successful at collaborating with each other and other departments.


    Kevin Ashman
    Firmware Engineering Supervisor

    Our company engaged LSA to do a specialized business presentation skills and a “train the trainer” program.

    They outdid our exceptionally high standards.

    The upfront work to interview key members and customize everything to our unique situation made all the difference. Thanks to everyone!

    Frank Abbott
    Chief Financial Officer

    LSA understands our business, has deep expertise in content areas, and customizes their approach to deliver great results.

    The facilitator was extremely knowledgeable about working virtually across cultures. The passion, practices, and tools made the session interesting, fun, and highly valuable.

    I highly recommend LSA Global to any company that has global partners or offices.

    Glenn McGillivray
    Human Resources Business Partner


    I continue to be impressed by the depth and breadth of LSA’s expertise in leadership development, and management development.

    What a smart and client-centric group of great people who really know how to help leaders attract, engage, develop and retain top talent in a practical and results-driven manner.

    Thank you LSA!

    Tracy Esposito
    Director, HR Business Partner

    LSA helped change our entire culture around meetings, making them more effective and efficient, thus enabling our leaders, managers, and teams to concentrate on driving more business.

    Thank you!

    Terry Wassman
    VP of Human Resources

    A key to performance improvement is cultivating the proper type of motivation.

    Since the performance management training, I have been much more focused on identifying and discussing how our actions in Engineering create value to IGT’s success.

    The feedback has been very positive, the group appears to be more accountable for their actions, and victim loop reactions are less frequent.  Thank you!

    Stewart Thoeni
    Mechanical, HW Engineering Director

    What a refreshing change from the half-baked psycho-babble you normally get from training and consulting organizations. LSA gives you the practical and results-oriented assistance you need to define and reach your goals.

    Their leadership, management, and sales expertise has been invaluable.  They think strategically and provide a results driven plan – not just a temporary fix.

    They are great to work with, and even more importantly, they “get it!”

    David Fiano
    Director of Merchandising

    Thank you to LSA Global for their partnership and support in helping us to design and roll-out highly needed and valuable leadership and management development programs that fit our unique situation.

    I personally have partnered with LSA Global at four of my previous companies. It continues to be a delight.

    We look forward to partnering with them for a long time to develop our managers and leaders.

    Suzanne Kinner
    VP Human Resources

    Blackhawk Network

    Our relationship with LSA is extremely valuable.

    We worked closely with LSA to customize critical Management Training Programs to meet our unique business needs.

    I’d recommend LSA to any company looking for first class and high quality leadership and management training assessment, design, delivery, and follow-through.

    Ken Boehm
    Vice President of Human Resources

    LSA exceeded all my expectations.

    We interviewed 7 potential training and consulting partners and selected LSA due to their expertise, flexibility, and breadth and depth of leadership solutions.

    We were able to design a highly focused and relevant management training course that fit our unique needs.

    Our leaders and managers galvanized as a team and are better prepared for the rigors of a leading their teams in a very competitive and fast-changing market.

    Mitch Mandich


    We turned to LSA to customize and deliver a leadership solution to meet our unique needs.

    LSA delivered the exact top quality solution that we wanted. I’d recommend LSA Global to any company looking for a best-in-class management training and consulting partner that always focuses on what matters most to your people AND your business.

    Kortney Riddle
    HR Manager

    We have worked with LSA Global for our learning and development needs and have always had great success.

    They helped us recently with targeted and customized Management Training Workshops to fit our unique situation, and they were fantastic.

    I highly recommend LSA to anyone that is attempting to help take their leadership and management talent to the next level.

    Mary Johnston
    HR Manager, BU Radiology Informatics

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