The Top 4 Reasons to Assess Leadership Capabilities with Simulations

The Top 4 Reasons to Assess Leadership Capabilities with Simulations
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Assess Leadership Capabilities with Simulations to Know Where You Stand

Just as pilots and astronauts use flight simulators to increase safety and decrease learning time, organizations are turning to leadership simulations to improve their chances to hire, promote, and develop top leaders.

This makes sense to us. The ability of leaders to consistently and effectively inspire, guide, and develop others can make or break an organization. Both good and bad leadership practices spread rapidly through an organization and have ripple effects on people, performance, and customers.

Can you afford to have leadership gaps as organizational demands grow and shift?

Leadership Talent Decisions Matter
When it comes to leadership, talent decisions are among the most important, but they are fraught with the most risk, bias, and subjectivity. With so many options available (cognitive tests, software, job samples, interviews, etc.) to help hire, develop, and promote effective leaders, we believe that leadership simulation assessments consistently provide the most objective, fair, and accurate assessment to have confidence in your leadership talent choices.

The Top 4 Reasons to Assess Leadership Capabilities with Simulations

  1. People Cannot Fake It In a Good Simulation
    Simulations that accurately mirror real job assignments, pressures, and scenarios do not allow leaders or high potential employees to con their way through the experience. The research-backed simulation objectively measures whether participants perform or struggle in each leadership scenario. You can’t fake performance in a live simulation.
  2. Good Leadership Simulations Measure Observable Capabilities
    What else objectively measures leadership skills-in-action? Behavioral interviews rely on what people tell you and are less predictive of how leaders will actually behave in new, high stakes, or different circumstances. Good leadership simulations allow you to objectively observe leaders in-action as they are faced with new problems, ambiguous projects, and challenging team members. 
  3. Good Leadership Simulations Save Time and Money
    Simulation assessments that are research-backed can objectively measure and benchmark a leader’s personality, learning style, job skills, potential, organizational culture fit, turn-over likelihood, and engagement. An effective simulation experience should only take a few hours for you to get a complete profile of your leader. This allows you to make better, faster, and more informed talent decisions.
  4. Good Simulations Inform Better Leadership Hiring, Promotion, and Development Decisions
    Objective insights from leadership simulation assessments can be used to select the best candidate for a key leadership role, to provide targeted feedback to high-potentials in the leadership pipeline, and to assess the development gaps that need to be filled in order to execute an important strategic imperative. And because these assessments remove bias, the ability to select, engage, and develop top talent improves.

The Bottom Line
Organizations that assess leadership capabilities with simulations are able to leverage artificial intelligence and behavioral science technology to better drive talent strategies, maximize leadership investments, and align leadership capabilities. Do you have key leadership and sales roles that you should take more seriously in terms of hiring, development, and succession planning?

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