Creating a High Performance Sales Culture

high performance sales culture

Is your sales culture helping or hindering sales performance?

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A High Performance Sales Culture Matters

“Thank you for a unique and great approach to building a high performance sales culture. The facilitator was brilliant. It will help us to create even higher sales performance now that we all know what matters most.

It really opened our eyes about a different way to lead.”
Simon Jefferson | Managing Director | AKQA

“The high performance sales culture approach combined with the sales strategy and executive sales coaching work helped us to grow revenue by 48%, increase profits by 10%, and close more than 50% of our deals over the last 12 months.

Aligning our sales strategy, culture, and talent is making all the difference. Thank you LSA!”
Laurie Sewell | President & CEO | Servicon Systems

Given your unique sales strategy and competition, how can you get the most out of your sales force in a way that makes sense for your business and for your sales team?

According to the McKinsey Quarterly, a top quartile performing salesperson is 14 times more productive than an average performer.

Unfortunately, many still mistake sales culture as soft or abstract. Nothing could be further from the truth. Our organizational alignment research found that sales culture accounts for 40% of the difference between high and low performing sales teams in terms of:

  • Revenue growth and profitability
  • Sales leadership effectiveness and sales team engagement
  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty

We define sales culture as how and why things truly get done in an organization to attract, win, and serve target clients.

The good news is that sales culture can be measured and shaped by understanding the way people think, behave, and work. The bad news is that if your sales culture is unhealthy or misaligned with your people or business strategies, you will not perform at your peak.  Experienced sales leaders know that their sales strategy must go through sales culture to be successfully implemented.

Sales culture exists by design or by default. Regardless of origin, strong sales cultures can help leaders perform, or strong sales cultures can hurt performance. With so many options for sales leaders who want to improve the performance of their sales teams, it is not surprising that so many get lost in and frustrated by impractical theories and expensive consultants trying to make sense of it all.

Our clients tell us that our research-backed, practical, and action-oriented approach to assessing and aligning sales  culture provides clarity, structure, and measurable results for leaders who want to significantly lift sales performance.

Typically clients turn to High Performance Sales Culture Assessment, Consulting, and Training to:

  • Ensure that their sales culture is healthy enough to raise, clarify, and align sales performance expectations
  • Remove cultural barriers that are hindering sales strategy execution
  • Design a sales culture that aligns with their business and talent strategies
  • Identify how sales leaders can reach aggressive targets without creating resentment or disengagement
  • Increase accountability for sales improvement
  • Motivate their sales teams to perform at their peak

Once your sales strategy is clear enough to act, our approach typically involves four main steps customized to each unique situation:

1.  Assess Your Current Sales Culture
Assessing your current culture allows sales leaders to accurately pinpoint strengths to leverage and weaknesses to address regarding how and why work currently gets done. Typical outcomes include identifying:

  • Levels of sales health
  • Strengths and weaknesses of the current sales culture
  • Areas of cultural alignment and misalignment vis-à-vis your sales strategy
  • Likely accelerators and inhibitors to sales performance
  • Benchmark comparisons

2.  Identify the Key Cultural Actions to Improve Sales Performance
Review the assessment results and agree on the critical few cultural actions required to create a healthy, high performing, and aligned sales culture.

3.  Execute the Key Cultural Actions
Implement the top cultural shifts in a way that makes sense for your sales strategy and unique marketplace circumstances.

4.  Measure Improvement and Agree Upon Next Steps
Monitor progress and continuously improve.

If you would like to learn how building a high performance sales culture at work has helped leading sales organizations perform at their peak, please contact us.

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We turned to LSA Global to help us take our executive selling and solution selling skills to the next level.

Their ability to formally assess our sales situation, identify key sales skill gaps, develop a plan to measure the results, and fully implement a key sales initiative has been outstanding.

LSA delivers the full solution; not just sales training.  I recommend them to any organization looking to transform its sales force the “right way” to sell higher and wider.

Daniel Heckman
Director of Sales-Enterprise Accounts


We engaged with LSA Global to deliver a highly customized sales territory planning and management workshop. They have a unique ability to quickly understand our business and needs. This keen understanding allowed for a sales solution that was specific and impactful.

Their sales consultants and facilitators were well prepared and ingrained themselves to become one of us. We’ve come to see LSA Global as a true sales partner.

Pratiksha Patel
Assistant Vice President Talent


LSA Global rocks! Thank you for helping our executive team get aligned by creating a powerful and clear strategic direction and go to market sales growth plan that we could all fully commit to.

From a sales growth perspective, I am really energized about the outcome and grateful for what I have learned throughout the strategic clarity facilitation process.

Stacey Wong
VP Sales


LSA Global demonstrated excellent expertise in sales and sales leadership, spent the time required to make sure the objectives were clear, and showed flexibility in shaping and sustaining everything that they did.

They “MEDRADized” the session to meet our unique needs, looked beyond the obvious, and got the key points across in a way that made sense.  Thank you!

Doug Stantial
North America Sales Training Manager

LSA is a great and high quality training and consulting resource. In less than a week turnaround time, they were able to design and deliver a ‘best in class’ inside sales solution to meet my team’s unique needs.

They definitely met my high expectations and were very responsive to my specific objectives.  Thank you!

Olivia Flach
Americas Retail Sales


We wanted our Channel Managers to get sales strategies and tools that would increase partner revenue and strengthen partner relationships. LSA Global’s ability to quickly understand our business and to bring experienced and proven resources to the table created credibility with both the executive and sales team.

We look forward to continuing our sales partnership with them.

Chip Whitman
Channel Excellence Manager

Thermo Fisher

LSA has consistently delivered top notch value to Seagate’s Corporate University Program. The level of facilitator involvement and continuous program evolution has kept the sales negotiation training engaging, relevant, and impactful.

We look forward to working with LSA in the future.

Geoff Purnell
Sales Executive, Seagate Data Recovery Services


We recently hired LSA Global to help take our sales team to the next level. Specifically we focused on targeting the ideal client, differentiating our solutions, getting more qualified leads, and closing a higher percentage of our pipeline through a proven referral selling methodology.

So far, the results from the business sales training have been great. We were pleasantly surprised with the results-oriented approach and thoughtful follow-through plan to ensure that the new sales practices “stick.”

We look forward to a long-term relationship, and I would recommend LSA to anyone looking to increase the effectiveness of their sales force.

Patrick Arnold


LSA always delivers the right sales and sales management solutions to meet our unique needs. I especially appreciate their ability to deeply understand our business and our culture so that they can design the most valuable and impactful outcomes for us and our clients.

Sarah Parks
Senior Project Manager


We needed a way to improve customer training. We had to reach a disparate group of people in a very short period time. LSA gave us a new training methodology and a better way to go to market with our customer training that improved their experience and our brand positioning.

LSA delivered exactly what we needed and exceeded our expectations.  Thank you.

Hinda Chalew
Vice President of Marketing

We partnered with LSA to help custom design, deliver, and measure an advanced new employee on-boarding process. It was well thought out and bought into by sales leadership.  The combination of targeted sales tools, technology, coaching, performance plans, training, and reinforcement made all the difference.  The solution quantifiably improved new employee and hiring manager satisfaction and increased the speed to sales quota for new hires.

I would highly recommend LSA Global for any sales enablement team looking to increase the engagement and speed to productivity of their sales force. We are excited to implement the program globally as we continue to scale.

Rochana Golani
Director, Global Sales & Technical Field Enablement

LSA was instrumental in making our worldwide sales meeting a success. They saved me a ton of time with ‘best in class’ solutions to meet our business objectives. Whenever I’m in a pinch, I can count on LSA’s dynamic team of sales trainers and consultants to really go the extra mile.

They truly understand the meaning of customer delight.  Thank you!

Amy Walker


Seagate has always found LSA to be a highly valuable consulting, training, and coaching resource.

The recent business sales training programs they’ve delivered for Seagate University have been the right solution, of highest of quality, and highly customized to our unique business and culture.

I would highly recommend LSA to any company interested in offering top notch learning solutions that make a difference.

Tammy Dujmovich
Sales, Marketing & Customer Service


LSA Global’s sales negotiation training and assessment process provided the sales negotiation tools and practices that have significantly enhanced our negotiations process. Their facilitators understood our business, its challenges, and framed the learning in a way that we understood.

I am very happy with the value we have received and would highly recommend LSA to others looking to improve their sales negotiations results.

Jeff Bizzack

Service Source

LSA’s customized Effective Presentation Skills program has helped us elevate our presentation skills to the next level. I personally now have a much greater self-awareness of my presentation skills and can leverage my strengths while working to improve upon other areas.

I definitely recommend LSA Global to anyone for whom presentations are an integral part of their job.

Jim Elliott
Senior Marketing Manager


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