An 8-Part Checklist for New Managers

An 8-Part Checklist for New Managers
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Good Managers Make Good Teams — An 8-Part Checklist for New Managers
Our management training program experience tells us that the majority of team failures are a consequence of poor team management.  People manager assessment center data also tells us the opposite holds true — good managers inspire and guide high performing teams.  So we surveyed our clients and have created an 8-part checklist for new managers.

Good Teams Make Good Business
Steve Jobs said, “Great things in business are never done by one person.  They’re done by a team of people.”  As brilliant as he was, Jobs understood that he couldn’t do it alone.  Although the movie about him sure made it seem like he tried.

Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common overall vision. And who is responsible for presenting the common vision and guiding team members toward the organizational objectives?  It is the team leader or team manager.

Leading a Team Can be a Daunting Task
Inspiring words — but how much of an effect can a manager of a team have?  Plenty.  It is managers who can make the difference between high and low performance and between high and low levels of team engagement.

An 8-Part Checklist for New Managers
Based upon new manager training best practices, here is a checklist of the attributes it takes to be a good manager.

  1. Communicate
    The best managers are able to actively listen, adjust communication styles and modalities to their audience and situation, and encourage open, honest communication among team members.
  2. Create Shared Visions
    High performing managers actively involve their teams in creating a team charter outlining where the team is going and how the team will get there. They create a clear line of sight and ensure team commitment on clear, attainable and meaningful team goals, roles, team norms, and processes.
  3. Model the Way
    Effective managers consistently practice what they preach, set a good example as they live the behaviors they want in their followers, and meet or exceed performance standards.  And whenever they fall short, they do not point fingers and take the steps required to make things better.
  4. Continuously Improve
    Strong managers provide and request frequent, consistent, timely, fair, accurate and meaningful performance feedback and ongoing coaching about how to get better each and every day.
  5. Invest in their Teams
    Top managers invest in their individual team members’ careers by providing new challenges, stretch assignments, and desirable opportunities for professional development and career growth.
  6. Reward and Recognize
    The best new managers encourage greater performance by being generous and proportionate with praise and recognition for individual and team contributions. They make sure each and every team member feels valued and appreciated for what they bring to the table.
  7. Make Decisions
    Good leaders are decisive. They make sound decisions and solve the right problems in the right way.  They do not let conflicts fester, and they move forward.
  8. Empower Others to Act
    Lastly, great leaders actively involve key stakeholders and enable their teams by granting the discretion, authority, resources, and information to produce high quality results.

The Bottom Line
How do you measure up?  Self-evaluation can help you zero in on where you need to improve.  But the best test is to ask your team what you can do to support them more effectively by using this proven checklist for new managers.

When you are willing to work on improving as a manager, your team members will be more open to improving their behaviors as well.

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