Employee Engagement Survey

Employee Engagement Survey

How to accurately measure employee engagement, commitment and motivation.

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“LSA’s Employee Engagement Survey and follow-up consulting work has provided critical visibility into what matters most to our people and the leadership actions that we need to take to increase engagement, retention, and performance for our unique situation.

It also helped to identify the specific challenges that face biotechnology companies like us.  I highly recommend LSA’s practical and strategic employee engagement approach and solutions.”

Chris Wells | VP Human Resources and IT | Xoma

“After LSA helped us to clarify our go-to-market strategy, we used their Best Places to Work employee engagement survey to identify the critical few focus areas to drive engagement, retention, and performance within our new strategic direction and desired organizational culture.

The survey, tools and results were right on. It has given us a leg up on our plan to engage and retain top talent as we grow.”

Phil Gibson | CEO | Digital Media Academy

“LSA Global has been our Employee Engagement Survey partner for the past 3 years.

Their ability to administer the survey, help us analyze the results, and recommend key actions to address the concerns of our generational workforce in a way that aligns with our strategy and culture has been top notch. 

LSA delivers great value, and I highly recommend them.”

Mike Normant | Senior Director Training | ServiceSource


The costs of disengaged employees and unwanted attrition are well understood. According to four recent studies, the impact of lower employee engagement scores is pretty startling:

  • 12% lower profits
  • 19% lower operating income
  • 28% lower earnings per share

While higher employee engagement scores correlate to:

  • 18% greater productivity
  • 12% higher customer satisfaction
  • 51% less voluntary turnover

Hoping to boost employees’ discretionary efforts and reduce turnover, many organizations scramble to implement engagement and retention solutions without really understanding the factors specific to targeting high value employee groups.

Such off-target programs yield mediocre results, waste precious company resources, and can even lead to increased attrition.

Before you undertake an engagement or retention initiative, you need to know exactly where and how to target your efforts.

Which of your employee populations are most at risk?

What does your own top talent really want?

Why might key employees decide to stay at or leave your company?

Our proven Employee Engagement Survey is administered to thousands of organizations each and every year.

The innovative technology takes the administration burden off your shoulders and provides an immediate and clear picture of your organization’s strengths and opportunities for developing better employee engagement and commitment in a way that aligns with your corporate strategy and organizational culture.

This enables executives and senior management to accurately target engagement and retention interventions to the populations most at risk of attrition, as well as to those most critical to your company’s long-term success.

Employee Engagement Survey
LSA’s Employee Engagement Survey provides online access to actionable results within days of the survey closing.  All survey items are statistically validated and predictive.

Administered to thousands of organizations each year, the proven survey methodology and hassle-free approach includes custom and open-ended questions, employee communication templates, benchmarks by size, industry, function and geography, multiple language options, and online or paper-based approaches to measure ten research-backed engagement areas:

In three simple steps:

  1. Measure engagement in a way that makes sense for your unique strategy and culture
  2. Analyze your results with online tools and compare to key benchmarks
  3. Take action and track results with manager dashboards and targeted action planning

Each engagement project comes with a dedicated team of experts to support you from sale through survey administration to renewal.  In concert with your team requirements, we handle survey kickoff, implementation, project tracking, one-on-one or group training, access to user guides, and analytical and technical support.

Survey Customization Options to Align with Your Strategy and Culture
Custom areas typically include questions from our database related to:

  • Alignment with the company’s vision and mission
  • Communication and information flow
  • Change agility and management
  • Work-life balance
  • Learning and development
  • Rewards and recognition
  • Diversity
  • Customer focus

An unlimited number of custom questions can also be added specific to your unique situation.

Employee Engagement Benchmarking Options to Compare Results and Set Meaningful Targets
Because we survey over 5,000 companies each year, we are able to compare employee engagement scores externally by size, geography, industry, and best-in-class winners.

Our typical internal benchmark comparisons include year-over-year, department-to -organization and other company specific custom benchmarks depending upon their unique strategy, culture and talent management objectives.

Engagement Reporting and Analytic Options to Get the Data and Insights You Need
Within days of the survey closing, we provide complete access to all of the collected data and a powerful suite of online tools and templates for limitless analysis by any demographic.

Executive Summary and Reporting Options to Present the Findings
We interpret your data and present the findings to you, your team, and your key executive stakeholders in a way that makes sense for you and your team.  The final presentation typically includes key insights, trends, engagement drivers, strengths, weaknesses, recommended actions, and suggested next steps.

Manager Engagement Action Planning and Accountability Options to Streamline Next Steps for Managers
While more organizations are measuring employee engagement as part of their talent strategies, too many drop the ball when it comes to implementation and follow-through.  For a survey to be effective, it must be followed by visible and meaningful actions.

Our research tells us that employees who believe follow up occurred are 6x’s more likely to report a positive change in the next survey.

To help managers make a measurable difference with engagement survey results, we  empower managers with an online engagement dashboard, provide customized analytics to highlight only what matters, suggest actionable goals related to proven engagement drivers, and offer targeted learning based on survey results.

Targeted Learning Options to Help Managers Improve Engagement and Retention
Measurably increasing employee engagement takes commitment, effort, and investment. Targeted learning can help managers make a meaningful difference with their team.

Learning options include access to a library of lessons focused on improving key survey items, individual development plans based on each manager’s goals, problems and needs, five-minute learning bursts written by experts in management and organizational behavior, and customized team interventions to move the engagement needle.

Depending on the findings and recommendations in the Employee Engagement Profile Report, LSA may recommend participation in one or more of the following additional programs to create a systemic solution:

Employee Exit Survey

  • 360 Degree Employee Exit Surveys
    An ongoing measurement tool to better capture (60% more than traditional employee exit approaches) the real reasons why employees leave.

Employee Retention

  • Attracting Top Talent
    Increase participants’ ability to recruit and retain high-quality, productive employees.

  • Retaining Top Talent for Managers
    Enable managers to reduce attrition by devising a specific action plan to implement with their direct reports; includes ITS’ proprietary Retention Assessment Profile™ and follow-up retention coaching.

New Employee Orientation, On-Boarding, and Assimilation

  • New Employee Orientation
    Expedite assimilation and increase productivity of new employees by providing a clear preview of the company culture and the information needed to get off to a fast start.

  • Transition to Management
    Provide new managers with a quick start on how to effectively manage their new staff and responsibilities.

To speak with an LSA Expert and learn about the employee engagement survey customization and roll-out options at your company, please contact us.

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I continue to be impressed by the depth and breadth of LSA’s expertise in leadership development, and management development.

What a smart and client-centric group of great people who really know how to help leaders attract, engage, develop and retain top talent in a practical and results-driven manner.

Thank you LSA!

Tracy Esposito
Director, HR Business Partner

LSA Global has provided our Employee Engagement Survey for the past 3 years.

Their ability to help us sort through complex organizational changes and provide data-based insights has been excellent.

LSA provides great value, and I highly recommend them.

Mike Normant
Senior Director, Training & Development

Service Source

We have had a very beneficial partnership with LSA. Their recent Leadership Development Program helped us to identify, develop, and retain top leaders. It was instrumental in helping take our company and our key people to the next level. I would recommend them to anyone looking to truly develop and retain top talent.

Steve Janowsky
Vice President of Operations


LSA’s Employee Engagement Survey and Consulting work has provided critical visibility into what matters most to our people as well as the specific challenges that face biotechnology companies.

Their ability to identify engagement drivers and engender commitment to the specific engagement actions that our leaders can take to improve engagement and retention in our unique circumstances are top notch.

I highly recommend LSA’s to anyone looking to truly engage and retain top talent in a way that aligns their unique culture and strategy.

Chris Wells
Vice President, HR and IT

We looked to LSA Global as a consulting partner to help us explore innovative and scholarly approaches to promote employee engagement and sustain the unique culture we’ve built over the last decade.  LSA helped us perpetuate coaching as a discipline across the organization by integrating our core values, goal setting, and performance management.

We appreciate LSA’s commitment to cutting-edge practices to help keep us a step ahead during this time of rapid change.

Rosalyn Chan
Vice President, Human Resources

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