7 Field-Tested Ways to Make Employee Engagement Easier for Managers

test tubes showing how to Make Employee Engagement Easier for Managers

Employee Engagement and Managers
Organizationally, higher levels of employee engagement correlate to 18% greater productivity, 12% higher customer satisfaction, and 51% less voluntary turnover.  From a manager’s perspective, our employee engagement survey results tell us that higher employee engagement scores correlate to more discretionary effort, advocacy, and loyalty from their team.  So, the question becomes, how can we make employee engagement easier for managers who already have so much on their plates?

Managers Drive Employee Engagement
Even with 100% commitment from HR to communicate the importance of engagement across the company, managers need to buy into the message, or employee engagement efforts effort will be diluted.  Managers must set the tone and create the environment where engagement can take hold and flourish.

The Engagement Stumbling Block for Managers
All too often employee engagement is presented to managers as simply another task to add to their long list of objectives.  What HR and senior leaders need to do is to both convince managers of how engagement will help them achieve team goals and to make it easy for them to successfully implement the engagement initiative.

7 Field-Tested Ways to Make Employee Engagement Easier for Managers
To ease managers’ burden, leaders can provide managers with the right tools and technology to:

1. Find Out What Employees Really Think
Survey employees so you can provide managers with meaningful employee feedback and insight on how to improve engagement. Ensure your survey reporting tool makes it easy for managers to analyze the feedback and identify the critical few leverage points that will have the greatest impact.

2. Measure Progress
With the right engagement software, managers can work transparently with their teams to set goals and measure progress. Make it easy for managers to hold themselves and their teams accountable for taking specific actions to improve employee engagement.

3. Enable Sound Decision Making
Managers shouldn’t make engagement decisions based solely on personal opinions and gut reactions. With data readily available, managers should be taught how analyze the information  to assess the pros and cons of various options to improve engagement.

4. Link Remote Workers
Make the engagement results and the data behind them available to everyone – especially remote workers who may feel less connected to headquarters and the decision-making process.

5. Reduce Paperwork
We have yet to meet a manager who looks forward to administrative paperwork. Your engagement software should be able to track employee evaluations, goals, feedback, and meeting results all in one place to reduce “administrivia”.

6. Boost a Healthy Workplace Culture
With survey results and follow-up activities all tracked and accessible online, managers cam better demonstrate their respect for employee feedback and recognize superior performance. Provide managers with an easy way to show they value employees and set the stage for establishing a positive, healthy workplace culture.

7. Align Teams Across the Company
Managers should be readily able to see how their team’s efforts compare with other teams across the organization. This creates performance pressure to follow through and makes collaboration and best practice sharing more likely.  Make it easy for teams to get aligned across the organization.

The Bottom Line
Employee engagement matters.  Make sure your managers understand its importance and support them by making it easy to more effectively engage their teams.

To learn more about how to make employee engagement easier for managers, download The Top 10 Most Powerful Ways to Boost Employee Engagement

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