How to Prepare New Managers To Succeed

How to Prepare New Managers To Succeed
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Do You Know How to Prepare New Managers To Succeed?
New managers have a very challenging, but potentially very rewarding, track ahead of them. The key to success is their preparation…they, with the help of proven new manager training, need to be ready and set before they go.  Do you know how to prepare new managers to succeed?

Previous Leadership Experiences Help
Any previous leadership role can provide new managers with some idea of what’s involved in managing others effectively – whether as head of a scout troop, chair of a community volunteer program, or business project leader. In every case, the best managers understand that they exist because of and for their team. Their success will be measured not by their own individual accomplishments but by the success of the team.

But How to Prepare New Managers to Succeed?
How do you help your new managers prepare to take the reins, set expectations, motivate a disparate group of individuals to work together, keep your team engaged, and deliver high quality results?

Three Steps to Prepare New Managers To Succeed
There are so many skills from new manager training best practices to learn, but it can be done. Here are three ways to set new supervisors up to succeed:

  1. Find a Proven Management Development Program
    Many new manager training programs exist. All promise results, but the difference between success and failure is execution — before, during, and after the solution — and in focusing on manager scenarios that matter most for your unique strategy and culture.

    The knowledge, skills, and abilities to manage others is not intuitive and, for all but a few, does not come naturally.

    Deloitte reported that companies invest the highest percent of their training dollars (35%) in management and leadership development.  Our employee engagement data tells us only 25% of employees rate their companies as good at helping individuals transition into their first managerial roles.

    Make sure you select a new supervisor training program that accurately assesses people manager skills, is customized to your needs, uses a highly experiential design, and comes with a proven system for coaching, reinforcement, and training measurement.

    Most clients focus first on managerial competencies like:

    — Understanding a manager’s role
    — Setting clear team goals, roles, and success metrics to operationalize company strategies
    — Assessing team strengths and weaknesses
    — Prioritizing, delegating, decision-making, and managing workloads
    — Communicating, coaching, motivating, and managing performance

  2. Find a Mentor
    Initially, it would be ideal to shadow the previous manager or someone in a similar role so you can get a sense of what the job will entail. Then try to find a mentor for the long-term with whom you can share concerns, figure out what you need to learn, and get practical advice on challenging issues.

    A consistent and supportive sounding board can be invaluable in helping to make the transition to management as smooth and relatively problem-free as possible.

  3. Find a Group of New Managers
    Regular meetings with other new managers can be enormously helpful in learning how to deal effectively with problems as they arise. Find a cohort of peers to safely share experiences, debate options, offer solutions, and discuss common issues.  An open forum with peers can be a boon for new managers and create the confidence required to take on the management mantle.

The Bottom Line
Now you know how to prepare new managers to succeed.  Design and deliver proven new manager training to provide the fundamentals, find mentors to provide experienced feedback and create a forum for new managers to discuss issues and solve problems with their peers.

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