3 Top New Manager Skills to Master

3 Top New Manager Skills to Master
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While There Are Many Top New Manager Skills to Master, They All Fall into 3 Buckets
Because each company is unique and the role of a people manager can vary greatly across industries, we believe that all new manager training should be heavily customized to meet specific business and people objectives. With that said, the myriad of potential top new manager skills tend to fall into three categories across industries and cultures.

  1. Top New Manager Skills Related to “How to Lead”
    We know from our people manager assessment center data that great managers put their people first and know how to lead and inspire their teams to higher performance. They align their team’s goals and accountabilities with the overall business priorities in way that makes sense for their people’s strengths and aspirations. They ensure a clear line of sight for how each team member contributes to the greater good.
  2. Top New Manager Skills Related to “How to Manage”
    While leading as a new manager is about inspiring and aligning, managing is about creating a culture of accountability and transparency. Great managers identify the leading and lagging metrics necessary to achieve and measure results. They then ensure that each team member understands and embraces the plan to monitor, reward, and consequence progress.
  3. Top New Manager Skills Related to “How to Coach
    While managing is about accountability and transparency, coaching is about accurately assessing individual and team effectiveness, providing timely, relevant and constructive feedback, and implementing individual development plans to close behavior and performance gaps. Great managers are experts at giving feedback in a way that instills confidence and strengthens the relationship, not making people feel “less than.”

The Bottom Line
Great new managers know how to lead, manage, and coach their teams to higher performance in a way that makes sense to the people AND the business. Don’t make your management training too complex. Focus on what matters most — people manager’s ability to lead, manage, and coach.

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