Midlevel Director Competency Assessment

Midlevel Director Competency Assessment

Research-backed Director and Senior Director assessment for those who lead leaders

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“LSA’s Midlevel Director Competency Assessment provided us with the leadership data and analysis to pinpoint the strengths, weaknesses, and customized development timelines for our midlevel leaders to be set up to succeed in their roles. What a powerful way to inform our most important leadership talent decisions.”
SVP | Fortune 500 Technology Company

Midlevel managers directly impact profits, customers, and people. In addition to the decades of organizational culture assessment research finding that managers are one of the biggest factors in determining employee engagement levels, recent McKinsey research found a direct correlation between strong middle managers and better bottom-line performance.

The good news is that research-backed behavioral science has made it possible for a Midlevel Director Competency Assessment to accurately measure and predict:

    • Hiring High Performing Directors and Senior Directors
      Fairly and objectively assess internal and external director and senior director candidates for middle management roles using and evidence-based and research-backed Midlevel Director Competency Assessment to accurately measure director-level performance and potential in a new role.

      Because director-level candidates must demonstrate their real-time leadership and management skills in a real-world scenario, the simulation combined with psychometric tests predicts director-level success better than any other applicant testing approach.
    • Developing High Performing Directors and Senior Directors
      Identify evidence-based competency gaps and deliver hyper-personalized individual development plans to in the areas of analyzing information, mentoring, coaching, building team spirit, communicating clearly, creating buy-in, creating urgency, developing capable teams, eliminating barriers to change, focusing on customers, implementing strategy, innovating, listening actively, making good decisions, planning and organizing work, promoting continuous learning, selling the vision, showing caring, speaking with charisma, and thinking through solutions.

      The combination of psychometric tests (personality and learning) with detailed director-level insights customized to align with your unique core competencies, enables targeted learning nudges and the tracking of micro-behavior improvement over time.
    • Succession Planning for Directors and Senior Directors
      When it comes to identifying and developing director-level bench strength, this Midlevel Director Competency Assessment Center helps to better identify high-potentials and measure successor readiness for director-level roles. The fair, objective, and evidence-based approach also removes unconscious bias and personal preference from the succession planning process.

      Monitor and compare directors and senior directors on readiness in the target role, competency performance, and potential to grow for optimal succession planning. Proactively track the readiness of successors and strategically plan for future talent needs.

Midlevel Director Competency Assessment Center with 0.54 Predictive Validity
The 3-hour “day-in-the-life” assessment places directors and senior directors in a relevant simulation of their role to measure their readiness using live role-players for a realistic simulation experience. Customized capabilities are benchmarked against a global pool of leaders in similar roles to provide additional data points.  The typical leadership categories assessed include:

  • Communication
  • Customer Focus
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Leading Change
  • Leading Teams
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Strategy Execution

The leadership categories are mapped to 19 specific leadership competencies and 65 associated micro behaviors.

Target Audience
The Midlevel Director Competency Assessment is for directors and senior directors who lead leaders. For executive leaders, please visit leadership simulation assessments for high stakes roles.  For frontline people managers, please visit: People Manager Assessment Center.

Expected Results
On average, directors and senior directors who follow the assessment-driven development plans:

  • improve skills by 11% in twelve months
  • are 6 times more likely to be retained
  • are 6 times more likely to be seen as a high-performer
  • report a 14% increase in engagement

Having assessed over 10,000 directors and senior directors in over 40 countries around the world, the Midlevel Director Competency Assessment is available in Bahasa, Dutch, English, French, Korean, Slovak, Spanish, and Turkish.

If you would like to use a proven Midlevel Director Competency Assessment to better identify, promote, and develop directors and senior directors who are responsible for leading leaders, please contact us.

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We contacted LSA to help us design and deliver customized management development programs. LSA worked with us to meet our exact needs. We started at the top with our executive team.  It was such a great success that we rolled it out company-wide. We look forward to a long-term partnership with LSA Global and their team of experts.

Barry L. Byrd, SPHR
Human Resources Manager

LSA helped us design and deliver blended leadership solutions for our key leaders to help drive our growth plans in a way that aligned with our unique culture and values.

LSA understood our business, had deep expertise in the content areas, customized the leadership development programs to fit our specific needs, and delivered great results in alignment with our strategic priorities, culture, and performance management systems.

I highly recommend them to anyone looking to take their leaders and the performance of their teams to the next level.

Beth A. Taylor
Vice President of Human Resources


For our go to training outsourcing partner, LSA provides exactly what we want and need – which is not an easy task.

As always, they design and deliver outstanding leadership development results and high quality management training programs that totally align with our unique business and talent strategies!

Elizabeth Siebert
Director, Organizational Excellence & Development


LSA’s action-learning leadership approach has been very beneficial to me, our leadership team, and the entire organization.

The balance of development and results has been excellent.

We have made huge progress, and I was also able to identify 2-3 high potentials while having the extra benefit of people stepping up to carry key strategic projects forward.

The experience was better than anticipated.  I could not be more pleased.

Heather Feltman
President & CEO


You have become our premier change leadership strategic partner. Your expertise in the human side of change is unparalleled and enabled our company to successfully implement our ERP Solution under challenging and ever-changing circumstances.

Thank you for your practical and outcome-oriented approach.

Ted Ramlet


The quality of LSA’s Leadership Training Programs and facilitators is always top notch. We recognize and appreciate the hard work LSA always goes through to align to our unique culture and meet our specific requirements. Thank you for regularly going above and beyond. Your support and dedication, both on the strategic and tactical side, have been outstanding!

Anna Meyer
Leadership Development


At a time of change in our marketplace, LSA Global did an exceptional job helping our executive team create strategic clarity by helping us to define, clarify, and prioritize our corporate vision, mission, values, differentiation, target clients, strategic priorities, success metrics and key roles.

They beautifully navigated a very difficult and fuzzy situation, respectfully cleared out all of the cultural elephants, and shared impactful insights and leadership development theories along the way. They have transformed our business.

Laurie Sewell
President & CEO


LSA has a tremendous ability to distil complex, multilayered challenges into meaningful, impactful, and clear strategies and action plans.

The time we invested as a leadership team to get aligned was well spent in gaining laser focus and identifying ways to prioritize what was meaningful individually and as a team. The facilitation and leadership style was direct, firm, and compassionate.

LSA provided the high level thinking and support for our team to co-create in a rapidly scaling business.

Bindu Garapaty, PsyD
VP, Talent and Inclusion, Diversity, & Equity


I continue to be impressed by the level of leadership development training and management expertise and quality of advice and facilitation that LSA has to offer.

What a smart and client-centric group of great people who really know how to help assess and develop high performing leaders.

Tracy Esposito

zynga LSA Global gaming client

LSA is an instrumental training outsourcing partner helping us to build leadership and management capacity while strategically investing in our people.

LSA’s flexibility, depth, and breadth of expertise allows us to deliver top quality solutions that are directly tied to key business plans and talent management strategies.

Their ability to custom design, deliver, and evaluate high impact Management Training Programs has been excellent. They are true business partners and a pleasure to work with.

Margaret M. Mader
Vice President, Human Resources


LSA’s executive coach based his approach on understanding our business circumstances and strategy, as well as our leadership aspirations. The customized coaching covered all aspects of leadership; it was not simply a touchy-feely endeavor.

In fact, the focus on clear business outcomes and real life circumstances challenged me as a senior leader to develop my thinking and actions related to leading the business.”

Janet Pagano
Managing Director


It was a challenge to find a consultant with an approach to performance improvement that fit our unique performance culture and style. We were pleasantly surprised to discover LSA’s depth of expertise in the fields of motivation, developmental coaching, performance management, and measurement.

LSA seamlessly integrated those components without our folks feeling like the intervention was forced. They understood what we were trying to accomplish, helped us clarify our objectives, and created a solid, refreshing approach that quickly got us moving and engaged at all levels across the organization.

Overall, I couldn’t be happier that we found a true strategy and implementation partner in LSA.

Doug Hansen
President and Director

Redwood Trust

LSA has been a tremendous asset at my current company and my past company.

As an HR leader, I am always looking for ways to find external resources that can provide impactful leadership and management development expertise. LSA consistently does that for me.

The tools and practices are crisp, business relevant, and easy to apply on the job.

Ken Boehm
VP of Human Resources

Working on our HR Strategy was so eye opening.  I feel so much better prepared to be successful as a leader individually and collectively.

Now the entire HR leadership team can drive our growth strategy forward in a way that makes sense.

Kristin Talastas
Director, HR Shared Services


We consider LSA Global the top outsourced learning and development partner.

We work closely with LSA to customize leadership and management development programs to meet our growing business needs.

I would highly recommend LSA to any company wanting to deliver high quality and practical learning solutions for their leaders and managers.

Terri Wright-Scheer
Vice President Human Resources

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