Keys to Better Leadership Communication

Keys to Better Leadership Communication
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Do You Need Better Leadership Communication?
Better leadership communication leads to higher morale and increased performance.   In “The Cost of Poor Communications,” David Grossman reports that inadequate communication can cost companies between $420,000 and $64.2 million per year depending upon their size.  But leadership communication impacts more than just the bottom line.

Communication can make or break a leader’s ability to lead teams, create strategic alignment, motivate employees, navigate organizational change, and serve customers. Leaders must be able to influence, inform, and build relationships with various internal and external stakeholders with different needs and styles. Better leadership communication takes clarity, purpose, and intention based upon what matters most to each audience.

Poor leadership communication creates confusion, conflict, and frustration.

5 Attributes of Better Leadership Communication
We know from leadership simulation assessment data that better leadership communication requires including only relevant thoughts, organizing messages around key points, and not overwhelming audiences with data.  It also requires energy, excitement, passion, impactful language, and meaningful stories.  We also know from new manager training that new leaders struggle mightily with clear, timely, and relevant communications.

If you want to improve your communication as a leader so that you connect more effectively with those around you, here is what your audience is looking for from you:

  • Your True, Genuine Self
    Employees relate more readily with a leader who is authentic and comfortable sharing their true personality, values, and life principles. People can quickly sense when a leader fakes who they are in order to fit in, get ahead, or hide a vulnerability. As a leader, be honest with who you are and what you stand for; take responsibility for your strengths and weaknesses.

    Are you authentic enough as a leader for people to want to follow you?

  • Empathy
    If you want your employees to care about their job and be fully engaged in their work, you have to care about them and communicate that you care about them. Especially during hard times, put yourself in the shoes of your employees and empathize with their anxiety about the future and do what you can to alleviate their worries.

    Are you a compassionate enough leader?

  • Someone Who Listens
    Gone are the days when bosses acted like dictators who simply enumerated the tasks to be completed and did not encourage feedback or questions. Today’s employees want to be included in making the decisions that affect them. Actively involve employees in early planning and then listen to their ideas and concerns.

    Does your team feel like you truly listen to them, understand them, and take their ideas seriously?

  • Clear, Transparent Messages
    Better communication between leaders and their followers depends upon both team clarity and transparency at work. It’s not just about being clear and simple; better communication also includes honest and timely information flow.  Hoarding information creates confusion and mistrust.

    Does your team know what’s going on within the company and have enough information to do their job well? 

  • Inspiration
    If you can’t communicate to others in an inspiring way, your ability to lead and influence will be diminished.  Inspirational communication motivates people to act. It is important to communicate a clear and compelling vision of change in a way that resonates with people’s hearts and minds.

    Can your leaders communicate in a powerful way that rallies people to do something important?

The Bottom Line
Great leaders are almost always great communicators.  They are able to share information that people need to get their jobs done.  They are also able to inspire others to act — especially when the stakes are high.  Do your action learning leadership development programs improve communication?

To learn more about better leadership communication, download 5 Expert Tips to Better Communicate Your Strategy

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