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Rapid Instructional Design Best Practices

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“Wyndham Hotel Group and LSA partnered to create a customized instructional design workshop and targeted training session for our marketing alliance member Franchisees.  The session was particularly critical for our brand as it kicked off our annual event for our franchisees and the 700 attendees.

We expected a lot from LSA and we certainly received it. The entire LSA team did a great job, from the initial conceptual work, the months of program development, through to the actual execution of the session.  Now, some six weeks after the conference, we continue to receive rave reviews from our franchisees.

Thank you for a job well done!”

Clyde Guinn | President | Days Inn Worldwide

This customized instructional design workshop is for new instructional designers who are frustrated with trying to apply the irrelevant theories that they learned in school and for experienced training designers and subject-matter-experts who want to add more short-cut techniques to better motivate and engage learners with relevant approaches, better content and faster results than old-school instructional design approaches.

Objectives: (Benefits to the Individual Participant)

  • Eliminate or combine Instructional Design steps without sacrificing effectiveness
  • Use templates and shells to speed up production of instructional materials
  • Use electronic recording devices to speed up Instructional Design
  • Use computer software to speed up different phases of Instructional Design
  • Identify instructional resources in unexpected places
  • Use coaching and team learning techniques to reduce development time
  • Reduce interpersonal problems that slow down Instructional Design teams

Objectives: (Benefits to the Organization)

  • Reduce the training budget
  • Reduce training design and development time
  • Deliver quality instruction
  • Avoid wasting training dollars
  • Retrain instructional designers to cope with corporate realities


While the Instructional Design workshop is customized for each client, the general outline is as follows:

I. Rapid Instructional Design: Basic concepts

  • Use an Instructional Design model without stifling creativity
  • Integrate principles of adult learning, behavioral psychology, accelerated learning, and cognitive science into training design

II. How to Do Rapid Analysis 

  • Select type of analysis to improve instruction and avoid bogging down
  • Assess whether training is the right solution
  • Analyze jobs, tasks, processes, and goals to derive instructional objectives
  • Match instructional design to corporate strategies, resources, and constraints

III. How to Do Rapid Instructional Design

  • Prepare a blueprint for the instruction
  • Design instruction for different objectives
  • Design instruction for different trainees
  • Design instruction for different media and methods
  • Prepare a prototype version of the instruction

IV. How to Do Rapid Evaluation

  • Evaluate to ensure training quality and continuous improvement
  • Select the appropriate type of evaluation
  • Use expert review to improve training
  • Use field testing to improve training
  • Use informal cost-benefit analysis to assure bottom-line impact

V. How to Get Beyond the Basics

  • Plan implementation before you begin Instructional Design
  • Use project management to increase Instructional Design return on investment
  • Use team-building techniques to reduce conflicts during Instructional Design
  • Use a rapid approach to reduce cycle time for Instructional Design

Target Audience:

  • New Instructional Designers who find that the theory they learned is irrelevant to corporate realities
  • Experienced Training Designers who want to add more short-cut techniques to their toolkits
  • Subject-Matter Experts who want to convert their lectures into interactive training that motivates learners
  • Instructors who want to reduce their lesson preparation time
  • Training Directors who need to speedily coordinate the production of instructional packages

To speak with an LSA Expert to learn about Instructional Design Workshop customization and delivery options onsite at your company, please contact us.

Related Information

We have partnered with LSA for years.  Our organization’s learning needs have increased, decreased, and increased again over time.

The beauty of LSA’s business model is its flexibility and depth of their expertise.

When we need strategic or tactical outside help that we can trust, we use LSA knowing that we can depend on outstanding quality advice and targeted solutions every time.  You cannot go wrong with LSA.

Margie Bunting
HR Manager

LSA’s ability to assess needs and develop targeted  leadership training has been a critical resource for me to help our teams to perform at their peak. 

I love that LSA focuses on training that truly makes a meaningful impact on the people and the business.

Noelle VanVlierbergen
Sr. HR Business Partner

apple client logo LSA Global

We partnered with LSA to help custom design, deliver, and measure an advanced new employee on-boarding process. It was well thought out and bought into by sales leadership.  The combination of targeted sales tools, technology, coaching, performance plans, training, and reinforcement made all the difference.  The solution quantifiably improved new employee and hiring manager satisfaction and increased the speed to sales quota for new hires.

I would highly recommend LSA Global for any sales enablement team looking to increase the engagement and speed to productivity of their sales force. We are excited to implement the program globally as we continue to scale.

Rochana Golani
Director, Global Sales & Technical Field Enablement

LSA Global brought a fresh perspective to our behavioral based interviewing strategy for key executive positions that we needed to fill.  They helped us to develop questions that produced a much deeper understanding of candidates’ capabilities.

Throughout the process LSA was also very responsive in dealing with short lead time requests.  Thank you!

SPO Partners & Co
Kim Silva, CFO

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed working with LSA on the design and delivery of the experiential new employee on-boarding training.

I’ve been getting tons of positive unsolicited feedback.

You truly exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Steven Gray
US Enterprise Services

LSA brought a very effective training strategy, design, and implementation approach to help us create a common language around our corporate training.

As a fast growing company with a geographically dispersed workforce, LSA’s expertise was invaluable to us in driving consistency, creating a sense of belonging for our employees, and developing a common language for everyone.

Binod Taterway

Blue Canopy

The quality of LSA’s Leadership Training Programs and facilitators is always top notch. We recognize and appreciate the hard work LSA always goes through to align to our unique culture and meet our specific requirements. Thank you for regularly going above and beyond. Your support and dedication, both on the strategic and tactical side, have been outstanding!

Anna Meyer
Leadership Development


LSA’s action-learning leadership approach has been very beneficial to me, our leadership team, and the entire organization.

The balance of development and results has been excellent.

We have made huge progress, and I was also able to identify 2-3 high potentials while having the extra benefit of people stepping up to carry key strategic projects forward.

The experience was better than anticipated.  I could not be more pleased.

Heather Feltman
President & CEO


We turned to LSA Global to help take our behavioral interviewing process to the next level in terms of both efficiency and effectiveness. LSA quickly understood our unique culture and challenging requirements.

They immediately helped us to improve our ability to continue to hire top talent that fits our culture and talent management strategy as we rapidly scale.  Thank you!

Julie Pearl
Technical Program Manager


LSA Global has been a great partner in helping us move toward being “the leading developer of talent in the service performance management industry.”

I have engaged LSA to help develop best-in-class programs in the areas of: Executive On-boarding, Manager Training, Sales Training and Coaching, Employee Engagement, and Instructional Design.

They have consistently met or exceeded my (very) high expectations and are always responsive to my needs to increase performance, engagement, customer satisfaction, and sales growth.

Mike Normant
Senior Director, Training & Development

Service Source

The experiential New Employee Orientation was an incredible success for 2,500+ new hires over 4 years spread across the globe.

LSA partnered with us to create an innovative solution on very short notice and added a huge amount of value.

We could never have done it without their unmatched combination of expertise, professionalism, and creativity that aligned everything with our unique culture and growth strategy.

Even our executives and experienced hires were blown away!

Brenda Wagner
Founder and President


Congratulations on your pro-activity in establishing this program and developing such an effective New Employee Orientation course.

Farhat Ali
President and Chief Executive Office


LSA has a very unique and powerful methodology regarding learning. Their ability to overcome skepticism, obtain executive support, and create an aligned learning strategy that provides measurable business impact is second to none.

They understand your goals, flex to your needs, and solve problems. They certainly help make my job easier and are a pleasure to work with.

I highly recommend LSA to anyone trying to connect the dots between strategy, skills, knowledge, and results.

Noelle Van Vlierbergen
Human Resources Director


As a Training Outsourcing Partner, LSA consistently saves me time and money by understanding what matters to our strategy and what works in our unique culture.

Their practical and outcome-oriented methodology is fantastic and allows us to deploy better solutions faster.

I highly recommend them to anyone looking to raise the talent bar with a true strategic partner.

Tim Bonnet
Director of Training and Organizational Development

Dimension Data

We hired LSA Global to design and deliver a customized outdoor experiential new employee orientation program for our recent group of MBA new hires.

The program reinforced WIPRO core values, helped to build relationships with fellow associates, and enhanced the group’s ability to operate successfully in the global world.

I definitely recommend LSA for effective employee onboarding of top talent.

Vishu Venkat, PHR
Talent Acquisition

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