6 New Manager Competencies You Cannot Succeed Without

6 New Manager Competencies You Cannot Succeed Without
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There are Some New Manager Competencies You Cannot Succeed Without

Being a new manager is a challenge and requires specific new manager competencies.  When you have a new team, your responsibilities change in scope and complexity.  Your success is now dependent more on the success of others — not on your own individual contribution and performance.

We know from decades of data from or People Manager Assessment Center and from new manager training workshops that being a manger is not for everyone.  In fact, Gallup estimates that organizations promote the wrong people into new leadership roles 82 percent of the time.

The Six New Manager Competencies That Matter Most
Our leadership development training experts have identified six new manager competencies you cannot succeed without.  If you don’t come by these new manager competencies naturally, you had better find a management training program and an experienced management coach who can help you develop them if you aspire to succeed in your new supervisory position.

  1. Teaming
    The know-how to develop strong relationships, build a team, influence others and resolve conflict.  Managers help to create high performing teams by setting the team context, having a common purpose with clear goals and roles, not playing favorites and by providing the appropriate level of resources.
  2. Motivating
    The ability to motivate and develop team members for higher performance.  An entire post has been dedicated to motivating higher team performance.
  3. Decision Making
    An understanding of business savvy — politics, decision making, problem solving, prioritizing, and organizing to make better, faster, and more decisive decisions — especially when the stakes are high.
  4. Communicating
    The ability to communicate (to both advocate and inquire) with authenticity, clarity, transparency and empathy.
  5. Financial Analyzing
    Financial skills so you can put together a budget and analyze financial reports so you know what matters most, how the business works and where things stand.
  6. Project Managing
    Basic project management skills to define, plan and execute projects successfully.  With the uptick of teaming, project management skills for non-project managers is a new, but important entry on this list.

The Bottom Line
Good managers are worthy of great respect. In fact they are the life-blood of successful businesses—the foundation for smooth, profitable operations and engaged employees.

To learn more about new manager competencies you cannot succeed without, download our recent research report The Relationship Between Employee Engagement and Manager Effectiveness

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