5 Simple Questions for New Managers to Improve Performance

5 Simple Questions for New Managers to Improve Performance
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5 Simple Questions for New Managers to Improve Performance
Most new managers are eager to live up to their recent promotion and want to make their mark as the leader of a high performing team.  Effective people leaders know the questions for new managers to improve performance.

The New Manager Basics
First, all new managers should attend a customized new manager training focused on how to manage effectively at their specific organization, get to know their team, and schedule consistent one-on-one’s with each direct report.

Five Simple Questions for New Managers to Improve Performance
After a thorough study of what makes the difference between high and low performing teams, Google came up with five tips on what matters most. Here are five simple questions for new managers to improve performance based upon those tips, adapted for use in your early meetings with your individual team members.

  1. Are You Confident in the Team’s Ability to Deliver as Promised?
    This question tests the overall reliability of the team. High performing teams can depend upon each other to deliver high quality results, on time, and on budget.
  2. Do You Feel Able to Ask Questions, Share Ideas, and Take Risks without Feeling Anxious or Embarrassed?
    This new manager question tests the openness of the team to innovation and diversity. High performing teams are willing to honestly and openly discuss better ways to get things done.
  3. Do You Have a Clear Understanding of the Overall Team Goals, the Roles of Each Member, and How They Will Contribute to Success?
    This new manager question will evolve as the team sets its priorities and assignments. The best managers make goals and accountabilities clear to their teams and match the individual talents and roles of their team members to specific tasks.

    As you learn about what your team members like to do and what they are best at doing, their tasks may change. But their roles must always be clear and transparent to others.

  4. Do You Feel Your Work Has a Clear and Meaningful Purpose?
    Highly engaged employees believe their work is meaningful. The better employees understand how what they do contributes to the goals of the team and the organization, the more discretionary effort, advocacy, and loyalty you will get in return.
  5. Do You Feel the Mission of the Organization Matters?
    This question gets at the root of why employees come to work each day. Are they making a positive difference? Does the mission of the company really matter?

The Bottom Line
New managers should listen carefully. It may take a few meetings to earn the initial trust of your new team members. But ultimately, what you do with what you learn will determine your success as a new people leader.

To learn more about questions for new managers to improve performance, download The 6 Management Best Practices that Make the Difference Between Effective and Extraordinary

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