LSA Global Delivers Biotech Leadership Influence Workshop

LSA Global Delivers Biotech Leadership Influence Workshop
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Redwood Shores, CA – LSA Global, the leading business consulting, coaching, and training firm that helps fast growth life science, technology, and service companies by powerfully aligning their culture and talent with strategy, today announced results for a Biotech Leadership Influence Workshop.  The highly customized Leadership Action Learning Program focused on leaders who work across multiple stakeholders and must show cross-functional leadership to add value and impact across various situations.

  • 94.6% Job Relevance
  • 96.3% Satisfaction
  • 136% Knowledge Gain
  • 88.2% Net Promoter Score

The Biotech Leadership Influence Workshop participants had a strong capacity to positively impact different teams, collaborate with others, and challenge the status quo. They had strong technical and functional expertise and were being asked to build dynamic leadership skills to complement their ability to lead without authority.

The leadership development program was designed to address the myths, challenges, and success factors for people managers to create the conditions for their teams to do their best work.  With the belief that having influence is all about getting things done cross-functionally across all levels of the organization, the customized Biotech Leadership Influence Workshop focused on how to build leadership trustworthiness, credibility, confidence, knowledge, authenticity, and passion in daily interactions and high stakes situations.  Key areas included:

  • Ensuring Goal Clarity
    Inspiring influencers are focused and create visible clarity about what is important and why. They set an intention before every interaction and hold themselves accountable for ensuring the impact of the interaction is aligned to that intention.
  • Unlocking Stakeholder Commitment
    Engaging influencers genuinely care about people. They create a connection with everyone they interact with by being fully present, listening to learn, and adapting appropriately to each situation. They unlock commitment across key stakeholders who need to not only believe in the work but actively engage to make success a reality.
  • Having Impactful Ideas
    Empowering influencers create the conditions for impactful ideas to emerge, be prioritized, and be connected to what matters most to the people and work involved. They create the conditions for everyone to do their best work, challenge assumptions constructively, engage diverse perspectives, and operate with a clear connection between where we are and where we want to go.
  • Taking Decisive Action
    Leading through influence requires the consistent delivery of promised results which builds credibility to execute  effectively. Influencers are effective decision makers and excellent communicators who create a bias for action through a clear vision and actionable next steps.
  • Ensuring Execution Excellence
    Influencers build commitment and hold everyone, including themselves, accountable for the outcome by defining what success looks like, feels like, and sounds like. They measure results to ensure strategic alignment with the desired outcomes, and actively seek feedback to ensure their intent matches their impact.

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Founded in 1995, LSA Global is the leading performance consulting, coaching, and training firm that helps high growth technology, services, and life-science companies create a competitive advantage by powerfully aligning their culture and talent with their strategy. Learn more about getting aligned.


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