How Sales Leaders Drive Growth

How Sales Leaders Drive Growth
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Top Sales Leaders Drive Growth
If you find a sales leader who Is not up to the challenge of accelerating revenue growth, you have not found a high performing sales leader. But you need more from a sales leader than simply a desire to grow the top line. High performing sales leaders also have the will and the understanding of what really works to create sales growth. They demonstrate how sales leaders drive growth.

8 Levers to Pull for Sales Growth
Here is a list of how top sales leaders drive growth:

  1. Create Strategic Sales Clarity
    Our organizational alignment research found that strategic sales clarity accounts for 31% of the difference between high and low performing sales teams.  Before you develop tactics to increase sales, make sure that you have company-wide agreement on:

    Ideal target client definition
    Unique value proposition
    – Big sales bets to drive growth
  2. Concentrate on the Core of Your Business
    Unfortunately, far too many sales teams chase every customer opportunity.  Based on your sales strategy, define what brings in the majority of your profits in terms of customers, geographies, distribution channels, products, and services. Then focus your time, efforts, and resources on the areas with the highest performance and potential. 
  3. Promote a Growth Mindset
    While sales leaders drive growth, for high growth ? greater than 20% year over year ? the entire workforce needs to support and contribute to profitable revenue. A growth mindset and a customer-centric culture  is required to achieve and sustain high growth goals.
  4. Boost Sales Productivity
    How much time are your salespeople spending actually selling? Far too many sales reps’ talents are wasted dealing with conflicting, duplicative, unnecessary, administrative, and non-revenue generating tasks that should be eliminated, simplified, automated, or handled by others.

    Define sales processes that align with how your clients buy, follow proven solution selling methodologies, and ensure that sales and marketing are aligned and supported by customer support, product development, and everyone else responsible for customer success.
  5. Improve Skills of Sales Managers
    All too often, high sales performers are promoted into management without adequate preparation for what this role requires. Suddenly, instead of being responsible for their own individual sales, they are measured by the success of their team. But, until sales leaders shift their activities to monitoring and coaching their team, they will be relatively ineffective.

    Invest in proven sales management training and sales leadership simulation assessments so that sales leaders and sales managers know how to successfully lead, manage, and coach their teams.
  6. Improve Skills of Sales Reps
    You need a careful evaluation of the talent on your sales teams. Do your sales reps have the sales confidence and sales competence to meet high growth sales targets?  What type of business sales training and sales coaching is required?
  7. Get Marketing on Board
    Strengthen the partnership between Sales and Marketing. When sales and marketing are aligned regarding branding, lead generation, and lead qualification, sales enablement drives topline growth.
  8. Reimagine Sales on a Regular Basis
    Consider workplace complacency as your enemy to sales growth. As smoothly as your sales organization may be running, there are always lessons to be learned and improvements to be made. When change and higher sales performance are necessary, be sure to apply the ]right amount of sales performance pressure and support.

The Bottom Line
Sales success is ultimately the responsibility of sales leaders. Are you doing all you can to support and sustain growth?

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