The Truth About the Biggest Sales Coaching Mistakes

Whitepaper Download: The Truth About Sales Coaching and the Biggest Mistakes.

Whitepaper Download: The Truth About the Biggest Sales Coaching Mistakes.  Is it possible that what you learned about sales coaching is all wrong?  The truth about who to coach and how to assess their performance challenges many incorrect and long-held sales coaching beliefs.

For much of the sales world, the notion that sales coaching is an essential ingredient in improving sales organizations is not up for debate. But while the debate about the necessity of sales coaching may be over, most sales leaders – if they’re honest – will tell you that they barely have time to manage their sales teams – and they just don’t have time to coach. With that reality as the backdrop, What if you could cut your coaching time by 50% and get better results?

In our decades of working with leading sales executives and front line managers, we have identified what we consider to be the top two mistakes that hinder effective sales coaching – mistakes that if avoided, will greatly simplify the sales coaching process and minimize the time it takes to effectively develop your reps.  The first is developing the wrong people.  The second is measuring behaviors instead of outcomes.  As sales organizations attempt to establish these coaching cultures, their primary barrier to success lies in the already over-taxed schedules of front line sales managers who resist substantial investments in sales coaching based on a real or perceived lack of time.

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