Great Leadership – The 3 V’s of Success

Great Leadership – The 3 V’s of Success
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The 3 V’s of Great Leadership
When it comes to leadership, the distinction between good leadership and great leadership often lies in the nuanced interplay of three V’s: Vision, Voice, and Vibration. As followers, we know what good leadership truly looks, sounds, and feels like. As researchers, we measure leadership competencies and attitudes using leadership simulation assessments.

The Vision, Voice, and Vibration to Lead Others
High performing leaders consistently have:

  1. Vision
    Great leadership starts with a clear and compelling vision to set a clear direction that is aligned with corporate values for success. Leaders with a keen sense of personal and company purpose are able to paint a vivid and inspiring picture of the future that inspires their teams to strive for collective greatness. But a vision without practical plans and tangible actions is worthless.

    Top leaders articulate a compelling future state and provide a tangible roadmap that outlines the steps required to bring it to life.

    Can you leaders and managers create clear, compelling, and aligned visions for their teams?

  2. Voice
    The voice of great leaders echoes across an organization. Their words, beliefs, and attitudes leave a lasting and motivational imprint that sets the stage for high performance. Effective leaders possess an authentic voice that communicates expertise, empathy, inclusion, and accountability.

    Do the voices of your leaders and managers instill trust, confidence, and a shared sense of purpose?

  3. Vibration
    Highly engaged employees often describe a palpable vibration that permeates the fabric of an organization. Like a steady drumbeat, impactful leadership imparts a sense of stability, assurance, and connection. Daily, weekly, and monthly meetings, feedback, and post mortems create the backbone for everyone to know where things stand.

    Do you leaders and managers create an environment where individuals feel a sense of psychological team safety, belonging, and a collective commitment to success?

The Bottom Line
Exceptional leadership is not a solo performance; it’s an orchestration of vision, voice, and vibration in perfect harmony. Great leaders blend visionary clarity, authentic voices, and a pulsating vibration to create a high performing culture where individuals thrive and contribute to a shared purpose.

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