Improve Employee Retention Capabilities for F500 Technology Company

Improve Employee Retention Capabilities for F500 Technology Company

Client Case Study

Situation – Improve Employee Retention Capabilities

Challenged by the war for talent and high growth expectations, the new CEO called for a strategic initiative that would increase the attraction, retention, and development of top talent in strategic and hard to replace role to meet growth targets.  In response, HR needed to improve employee retention capabilities by:


  • The current Talent Management Strategy was outdated and not showing a measurable impact on the company’s ability to attract, develop, engage, and retain top talent in key roles.
  • The talent acquisition process was transactional, siloed by function, and reactive.
  • The succession planning pipeline and promotion processes were inconsistent, biased, and did put the right leaders, in the right roles, at the right time to be successful.


  • If the company did not improve employee retention capabilities, hiring and promotion would continue to derail strategic initiatives and negatively impact employee engagement and retention.


  1. Map desired leadership capabilities to leadership simulation assessment capabilities and behaviors
  2. Align simulation language with company’s strategy, culture, language, and models
  3. Schedule leadership assessments
  4. Complete leadership assessment prework
  5. Conduct virtual assessment
  6. Receive and debrief results against standards and benchmarks


  • High assessment scorers were 6x more likely to retain their employees than low scorers.
  • Basing hiring and promotion decisions on the assessment results led to 15% increase in employee retention rates.
  • Hiring and promotion managers received broad insight into each candidate and visibility into recruitment trends and challenges.

Related Information

LSA’s Employee Engagement Survey and Consulting work has provided critical visibility into what matters most to our people as well as the specific challenges that face biotechnology companies.

Their ability to identify engagement drivers and engender commitment to the specific engagement actions that our leaders can take to improve engagement and retention in our unique circumstances are top notch.

I highly recommend LSA’s to anyone looking to truly engage and retain top talent in a way that aligns their unique culture and strategy.

Chris Wells
Vice President, HR and IT

We have had a very beneficial partnership with LSA. Their recent Leadership Development Program helped us to identify, develop, and retain top leaders. It was instrumental in helping take our company and our key people to the next level. I would recommend them to anyone looking to truly develop and retain top talent.

Steve Janowsky
Vice President of Operations


We looked to LSA Global as a consulting partner to help us explore innovative and scholarly approaches to promote employee engagement and sustain the unique culture we’ve built over the last decade.  LSA helped us perpetuate coaching as a discipline across the organization by integrating our core values, goal setting, and performance management.

We appreciate LSA’s commitment to cutting-edge practices to help keep us a step ahead during this time of rapid change.

Rosalyn Chan
Vice President, Human Resources

Redwood Trust

I continue to be impressed by the depth and breadth of LSA’s expertise in leadership development, and management development.

What a smart and client-centric group of great people who really know how to help leaders attract, engage, develop and retain top talent in a practical and results-driven manner.

Thank you LSA!

Tracy Esposito
Director, HR Business Partner

LSA Global has provided our Employee Engagement Survey for the past 3 years.

Their ability to help us sort through complex organizational changes and provide data-based insights has been excellent.

LSA provides great value, and I highly recommend them.

Mike Normant
Senior Director, Training & Development

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