The Top 3 Essential B2B Sales Skill Sets for Success

The Top 3 Essential B2B Sales Skill Sets for Success
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Why B2B Sales Skill Sets Matter
The overall commoditization of products combined with the added pressure of shrinking margins and increased customer demands are heightening the need for the right B2B sales skill sets to meet grow targets. We know from solution selling training data that the intricacies of selling value-added solutions require greater B2B sales skill sets.

The Essential B2B Sales Skill Sets That Matter Most
In reviewing sales leadership simulation assessment data, there is little doubt that top solution sellers excel in a few key areas that all require thoughtful and active sales training and sales coaching of the salesforce and sales leaders:

  1. Putting The Customer First
    Putting the customer first is about deeply understanding customer needs and putting their goals, problems, and needs first. This is both a B2B sales skill and a sales mindset. In business sales training, sales reps are mistakenly taught to focus on plausible arguments for why their unique value proposition benefits the buyer.

    While sales reps should be well versed in what differentiates them from the competition in the eyes of your ideal target clients, top solution sellers begin by creating customer openness to their message. Why? Because a seller’s ability to communicate is only helpful if the customer is open to listen.

    To create customers who are willing to listen, sellers need to focus on creating buyer receptivity by:

    —  Knowing the buyer, their company, and their industry
    —  Putting the needs of their buyer before their own needs
    —  Helping the buyer to make the best choice for them — whether it means buying from you or not

    Are you investing the time to get to know customers and truly putting their priorities first?

    To learn more about being customer centric, download How Serious Are You About a Customer Centric Strategy?

  2. Delivering On a Client-Centric Value Proposition
    The authenticity, communication, transparency, and sincere understanding of the client’s needs sets the stage to link your offerings to their priorities. Sales forces that focus on a client-centric value proposition win more deals, faster.


    Because most buyers report that they have numerous viable options at their disposal and do not have the time or patience to listen to a sales pitch that is either too self-focused, too commoditized, or too unbelievable to make a difference.

    That is why knowing customers and putting their priorities first is so important. A sales force cannot truly differentiate itself if it does not know what matters most to each and every buyer.

    Can your sales reps clearly articulate why you are better, faster, and/or cheaper than the competition in a way that resonates with their buyers?

    To stress test your unique value proposition, download What Sets You Apart?

  3. Negotiating and Closing Deals
    Clearly articulating customer-defined value in the previous two steps helps to set the stage for a better sales negotiation because the buyer has already agreed upon the value. Unfortunately, we know from sales negotiation training research that the majority of sales leaders don’t think their sales teams have the necessary negotiation skills.  Weak sales negotiations leads to price concessions to win business, compressed margins, longer sales cycles, and unfair customer relationships.

    Can you team negotiate and close when the stakes are high?

    To improve your sales negotiation capabilities, download The 2 Most Common Sales Negotiation Tactics to Prepare For

The Bottom Line
To truly sell solutions, your sales team must be able to align your offerings with your target client’s overarching business goals. The good news is that by understanding what matters most to your clients, you position yourself as a trusted business advisor rather than a mere service provider. Aligning these B2B sales skill sets with the client’s needs creates a synergy that goes beyond transactional relationships, fostering long-term partnerships.

To learn more about lifting the performance of your sales team, download Are Your Sales Reps Leaving Money on the Table?

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