LSA Global CEO Sales Alignment Keynote at Sales Enablement PRO Soiree

LSA Global CEO Sales Alignment Keynote at Sales Enablement PRO Soiree
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Sales Alignment Keynote Address

The Sales Enablement Soirée is the largest virtual event exclusively for sales enablement professionals to connect live and collaborate in real-time with peers and industry luminaries. Based upon organizational alignment research, the Sales Alignment Keynote by Tris Brown focused on helping sales enablement maximize sales performance and sales engagement.

Sales enablement can play a key role in helping to ensure that sales teams get aligned to produce profitable revenue AND help their clients to succeed. The keynote focused on how sales enablement can:

  1. Clarify Sales Strategy
    Sales strategy accounts for 31% of the difference between high and low preforming sales teams.

    While many see the sales enablement as a sales support and execution function, top enablement functions ensure that the go-to-market sales strategy is clear, believable, and implementable enough to win before investing time and resources.

    Only then can you enable the sales team to perform at its peak.
  2. Align Sales Culture
    Sales culture accounts for 40% of the difference between high and low preforming sales teams.

    Sales culture is more than “soft touchy feely stuff.” It represents how people think, feel, and behave related to how your organization sells and helps customers to succeed. This is a critical enablement role because your sales strategy must go through your sales culture to be successfully executed.

    High performing enablement functions help ensure that sales culture is healthy, high performing, and aligned enough to execute the sales and talent strategies.
  3. Differentiate Sales Talent
    While sales talent accounts for 29% of the difference between high and low preforming sales teams, if your sales strategy is unclear or if your sales culture is misaligned, sales talent will struggle to perform at their peak.

    High performing sales enablement functions ensure that top sales talent is attracted, developed, engaged, and retained vis-à-vis their unique sales culture and sales strategy.

    Do not be fooled into making sales talent moves if your sales strategy and culture need work.

To learn more about sales management training and the keynote watch the video, go to:

To get the slides, download The Sales Alignment Keynote Presentation Outlining The Top 15 Sales Enablement Warning Signs

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