How Top B2B Sellers Win Bigger Deals

How Top B2B Sellers Win Bigger Deals
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Top B2B Sellers
How do top B2B sellers do it? Is there a secret sauce? As a consultative solution seller, you have been working hard and using all the sales tools available. You’re doing OK but want to do better.

Based upon data from our sales leadership simulation assessment, top solution sellers consistently do a few key things to win bigger deals.

Winning Bigger Deals
The fundamental answer to the success of top B2B sellers is not that they work harder; it’s that they work smarter. They consistently focus on the major strategic accounts and key sales and marketing activities that matter most. They have simplified their selling process so that they zero in on the key steps needed to help their clients to succeed and win the sale. They have narrowed their activities to five key drivers that advance each client interaction toward the goal of more certain, bigger deals.

Three Key Drivers to Bigger B2B Deals
Here is how to get full value from your customer conversations:

  1. Ruthlessly Focus on Helping Your Client to Succeed
    Top B2B sellers are almost three times more likely to be highly specific and detailed about the type of clients and deals that they pursue.  They know their ideal target client profile and deeply understand how their unique value proposition sets them apart from the competition in a way to help their clients to succeed.

    Is your ideal target client profile and unique value proposition as clear and compelling as they need to be to win?  Are your sales leaders motivating your sales team to focus on your clients or your products and quotas?
  2. Collaboratively Help Clients to Define the Best Path Forward for Their Unique Situation
    Top B2B sellers help buyers to accurately define where they are, where they want to go, and a compelling plan to make it happen that makes sense for their unique situation.  Average sellers listen to their buyers and give them what they ask for.  Top sellers differentiate themselves as knowledgeable partners in helping their clients to succeed in ways that others cannot.

    Business sales training experts know that means accurately diagnosing root causes, navigating stakeholder needs, and bringing customer needs to the forefront of everything that they do.

    Can your sales team consistently identify what matters most to their clients and articulate it at the right levels?
  3. Strategically Navigate the Customer’s Buying Process
    According to Gartner, sales reps only have roughly 5% of a customer’s time during their complex B2B buying journey which involves up to to 10 decision makers‚ each armed with four or five pieces of information they’ve gathered independently. Successful sellers understand the stages in the customer buying process and know how to insert themselves earlier in the process to help guide outcomes and to gain access to those in a position to buy.

    They establish themselves as a trusted advisor quickly and provide customers with the right information at the right time to create consensus, mitigate risk, and build confidence.

    Do your sellers follow your sales process or their customers’ buying process?

The Bottom Line
Top B2B sellers take a rather simplified approach to selling by focusing on what matters most to their customer and linking their solution to what matters most.  They do not waste their time chasing the wrong customers for the wrong reasons.  In a nutshell, they make it easier for customers to make complex B2B buying decisions.

To learn more about how top B2B sellers win bigger deals, download 30 Effective Sales Questions that Matter Most

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