Leading Sales Metrics Tips to Increase Revenue

Leading Sales Metrics Tips to Increase Revenue
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The Difference Between Leading Sales Metrics and Lagging Sales Metrics

Unfortunately most sales teams are either confused about leading sales metrics or do not use them at all. Sales reps tell us that they are confused, inconsistent, and in some cases, blind to what sales activities matter most.  So let’s start with some definitions from our research-backed consultative selling workshop:

  • Leading Sales Metrics are the greatest and most influenceable predictors of sales goal achievement.
  • Lagging Sales Metrics measure sales goal achievement results for a specific period of time.

The Value of Predictive Sales Metrics
Because they are predictive and influenceable, leading sales metrics provide real-time feedback and enable sales teams to learn and adjust behaviors to increase their chances of achieving their sales goals.

While they are often challenging metrics to identify and track, they are worth their weight in gold.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could measure the likelihood of sales before they happen?

Don’t just work through the selling process blindfolded, hoping to find your way. There are predictive sales metrics you can apply that will help predict sales success and allow you to adapt your approach if you are not moving in the right direction.

An Example
Perhaps sales leaders have learned that the salespeople who reach out to customers with key insights on a weekly basis are more successful than those who check in less frequently or do not provide valuable insights.  Or you may find that the salespeople who regularly spend one-quarter of their day researching and sales prospecting are better at maintaining a productive sales pipeline.

If so, measure those two sales metrics . They will tell you how a salesperson is doing during the sales process, predict outcomes and, when needed, allow for sales performance coaching to improve their chances of success.

The Bottom Line
Invest the time to identify the critical few sales activities that lead to success for your specific sales strategy, target market, and unique value proposition. Then measure, support, and reinforce them at every turn.

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