Change Your Perspective to Create Change

Change Your Perspective to Create Change
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Change Your Perspective to Create Change
Change means you can no longer remain the same. You need to change your perspective of what matters, take a new view, be willing to be vulnerable, and apply some discipline to keep at it. Sounds hard, right? It is difficult to change your perspective to create change that lasts.

But if you are convinced that corporate change is in your best interest, it is worth the effort. Based upon decades of change management consulting in the field and data from our Change Management Simulation, here are some proven tips.

The Conversation of Change
First, as a leader, you have to be able to coherently talk about organizational change…

Regardless of how well you prepare for change, this kind of change conversation is likely to cause all kinds of angst for those affected by the proposed changes.  Many people are totally stymied at the thought of looking over the fence at uncharted territory.  But you need to gently push employees out of their comfort zone so they are open to the possibilities of a new way of doing things.

You need to change your perspective to create change.

Expand the Change Discussion
Unless you can broaden the discussion around change to more comfortably talk about the unknown, the unimaginable, and the untried, you will be stuck where you are and resist change.  This is no place to be if you seriously want to innovate and keep ahead of the competition.

Great Innovators
Think of the great innovators of our current age – Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Bill Gates. They were bold and unafraid to experiment with new methods, new ideas, and new products.  They were ready to back off the “center” of what is known and work on the “edge” of the unknown.

This is where the change opportunities often lie — on the edge.  They were ready to move away from the predictable and safe to the risky territory where new ideas can emerge.

How to Create a Culture that Welcomes Change Conversations
To thrive,

  • Stay Sharp
    Companies need to find ways to keep sharp, look externally, and think differently so they can anticipate and adapt to the changes that surround them
  • Encourage Constructive Dissent
    Employees need to feel they are in an environment where they are free to challenge the current state, push restrictive boundaries, give feedback, and achieve meaningful growth
  • Build the Right Environment
    Leaders need to create a vibrant, dynamic environment where a culture of collaboration multiplies the possibilities for innovation

The Bottom Line
Change is inevitable and uncomfortable. Unless there are currently high levels of discomfort, you are probably not challenging yourself, your team, or your company enough.  Start working with your teams to have change conversations that open doors to new ideas and new approaches.

To learn more about how to change your perspective to create change, download The 5 Lenses of Change that Leaders Need to Get Right

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