5 Solution Selling Factors to Cross the Finish Line Faster

5 Solution Selling Factors to Cross the Finish Line Faster
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Not All Sales Factors Are Created Equal
There’s no question that it’s harder to sell complex solutions than it used to be and that some solution selling factors matter more than others in closing deals.  Why?

First, buyers tell us that they have more information, are more sophisticated, and have less patience to get what they need.  Secondly, sales reps report that there are more decision makers involved, the buyer is often farther along in the buying process, and that, although buyers seem less willing to take risks, they feel empowered to demand more.

All the more reason that you should prepare your sales force thoroughly for the challenges that lie ahead.

5 Sales Factors to Get Right
Based upon over 20 years of solution selling training here are five solution selling factors that will help you cross the finish line faster despite the increasing difficulties of selling complex solutions today.

  1. Prioritize
    First, be sure to ruthlessly focus on your ideal target clients that truly value what you have to offer.  Your sales team should not chase every opportunity – but only those with the highest probability for you to win in a way that makes sense. You should have an opportunity rating system based upon your sales strategy and culture that guides you in qualifying and prioritizing each and every sales lead.

    If you are closing less than 50% of the deals that you chase, you most likely have a problem qualifying opportunities in a way that makes sense.  You must get this right if you want to maximize sales performance.

  2. Don’t Do It Alone
    Most sales teams have a variety of strengths. Ideally, you are all working toward the common goal of increasing profitable revenue and helping customers to succeed. Work together so that the sum of the parts is greater than the whole.

    Make judicious use of all the sales and marketing resources at your disposal…not only your teammates but also those in the company with subject matter experience and executive-level contacts. If the sales opportunity is big enough, it is often worth pursuing as a team with vigor and dedication.

  3. Document Your Sales Plan
    Yes, follow your established and proven sales process. But do it with each particular opportunity in mind. Set your goals, step by step, and write them down.This way you are much more likely to follow what you know can be successful. Then share it with your team for their feedback. Ask what you might have missed and where you could strengthen your approach.

    Test it to see that you are not thinking only from your seller’s perspective. The closer you can come to the buyer’s decision-making process and priorities, the smoother your path to a winning deal. Check that you have customized your sales call plan to your specific situation.

  4. Think Laterally
    Consider the perspectives of the entire buying group. Think through what each customer stakeholder will be looking for and try to address their personal and professional needs as individuals. But if you can’t satisfy all, select a champion with influence who believes in you and your solution.

    Help your champion be ready to advocate for you in a clear and compelling way.

  5. Add Visible Value
    Be sure that you bring value to each and every client interaction. For example, many senior level buyers want to be educated and inspired in a very short period of time. What can you bring to the table that will help them be successful?

    Most clients are always looking for new ideas and insights. Tap into your team for fresh ideas and perspectives that you can share.  Focus on helping them to be successful, not closing the deal.

The Bottom Line
Never sell without a clear plan and the passion to help your client to be successful. Preparation helps to prioritize the opportunities to follow and creates the confidence to truly be customer-centric. Then add value at every step in the process.

To learn more solution selling factors to boost sales, download 30 Effective Sales Questions More Important than Budget When Selling Solutions

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