3 Simple and Cheap Ways to Engage and Retain Your Top Talent

3 Simple and Cheap Ways to Engage and Retain Your Top Talent
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Are You Taking Advantage of Cheap Ways to Engage and Retain Your Top Talent?
Engaging and retaining top talent should be the cornerstone of any talent management strategy.  The good news is that employee engagement and retention does not have to be complicated or expensive.  There are plenty of simple and cheap ways to engage and retain your top talent.

What Smart Talent Leaders Do
Lots of employees grumble about their work and their workplace culture. Smart talent leaders make sure employees have few reasons to complain about either.  The best way to keep employees on board and working effectively is to keep them engaged.

Three Smart and Cheap Ways to Engage and Retain Employees
Here are three ways that employee engagement training and new manager training experts recommend you can encourage employees to stay and thrive:

  1. Show Them You Care and Value their Contributions
    Give them praise when it is due — often and specifically. From an engagement perspective, you will know your employees feel valued at work when they:

    — Believe the organization makes investments to make them more successful.

    — Know leaders value people as their most important resource. Think the company is committed to making it a great place to work.

    — Feel they are paid fairly considering the value they bring to the organization.

  2. Provide Meaningful Work
    When you assign important tasks, it shows you have confidence in their ability and you trust that they will fulfill their obligations in a timely and effective manner.  From an engagement perspective, you will know your employees are on the right track when they:

    — Enjoy doing their work.

    — Believe their job is in alignment with their career goals.

    — Are able to consistently utilize their strengths.

    Find their job meaningful, interesting, and challenging.

  3. Be Generous and Understanding
    If you want to increase employee loyalty and engagement, respect their requests for special time for family, sickness, or simply a breather.

    No one can work full bore indefinitely. Be as generous in pay and as flexible in granting time off as you can afford.

The Bottom Line
In addition to following through on employee engagement survey results, these three simple and cheap ways to engage and retain your top talent work to keep your employees happily engaged — right where they are.

To  learn more about improving employee engagement at your organization, download the Top 10 Most Powerful Ways to Boost Employee Engagement

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