3 Big Factors to Optimize Sales Success Now

3 Big Factors to Optimize Sales Success Now
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Optimize Sales Success at Work
Just casting your line to snag any client as they happen to swim by is no way to run a sales team or to optimize sales success.  It may be the way to run a kid’s lemonade stand, but not the way to lead a high performing sales team.  To succeed, sales leaders need to be focused and proactive.

Beyond just improving their sales team’s efficiency through being smart about doing things right, sales team leaders need to optimize sales success by doing the right things.

Selecting the Right Things to Do
Smart sales leaders understand what matters most in setting their sales reps on the right course.  First, the sales strategy must be clear and believable.  Then all sales practices, processes and systems must 100% align with the overall business and sales strategies.  This allows sales teams to prioritize customers and deploy the sales force across the opportunities with the greatest potential yield.

Three Factors to Optimize Sales Success
To truly optimize sales success, you need to be smart about:

  1. Selecting the Right Customers with the Right Value Proposition
    Customers should not be treated equally because they are not. Some customers have greater potential, others less; some customers cost relatively little to serve, others more.  Prioritize your customer list so you know where the best opportunities lie for your unique value proposition and where customer acquisition costs are least.
  2.  Allocating the Right Sales Resources
    Your sales are limited to a great extent by the capacity of your sales team to make calls, establish customer relationships, and serve clients. You need to deploy your team judiciously so that they have the capacity to effectively serve and nurture your target clients.  It is not a “sales at all costs” effort but, instead, a sales “where it makes the most sense” effort.
  3. Managing the Right Sales Performance
    And then there is the responsibility of the sales manager to set clear expectations, establish agreed-upon sales goals, manage sales team performance, and hold sales reps accountable.

    Though many managers find this part of their job difficult, doing it effectively is the most important factor in realizing sales team results.

    Holding frequent one-on-one performance conversations gives managers insight into what’s going right, what’s going wrong and how they can support their team.  Sometimes it’s a matter of development and coaching new skills; sometimes there’s a need to change customer assignments or adjust territories.

    Whatever the tweak, it is the sales manager’s job to see that everyone plays their part to reach the team goal – or be compassionately moved elsewhere.

The Bottom Line
As a sales leader, you are expected to optimize sales success.  It is your job to focus solution selling efforts how and where they will really make a difference to your customers and to your business.

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