LSA Global Delivers Action Learning Program for Healthcare Leaders

LSA Global Delivers Action Learning Program for Healthcare Leaders
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Redwood Shores, CA – LSA Global, the leading business consulting, coaching, and training firm that helps fast growth life science, technology, and service companies by powerfully aligning their culture and talent with strategy, today announced results for a highly customized 6-month Action Learning Program for Healthcare Leaders.

The action learning leadership development program focused on enhancing the skills and confidence of senior leaders who are required to build cross functional commitment, role model the desired culture, and translate functional strategies into effective actions.

  • 98% Job Relevance
  • 97.4% Satisfaction
  • 132% Knowledge Gain
  • 92% Net Promoter Score

This fast growing healthcare client wanted to build leaders with greater self-awareness and better executive presence to increase business results, enhance team engagement, and better coach others to deliver at their full potential.

The highly customized 6-month Action Learning Program for Healthcare Leaders targeted key leaders who had a strategic role with a high level of responsibility to influence and drive results and complex strategies across multiple groups, functions, and teams.

Each leader met with a professional coach at the start, mid-point, and end of the program to explore insights from psychometrics, identify and track learning goals, explore real life application, reflect on learning, commit to action, and evaluate impact.

The core leadership action learning modules included:

  • 360 Feedback and Emotional Intelligence Assessment
    Review results from leadership 360 and Emotional Intelligence assessment to identify key areas of strength and opportunity. Create an individual development plan.
  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence
    Develop a deep understanding of how values shape leadership. Understand the neuroscience of emotional intelligence and how to apply it in practice. Understand obstacles to an ideal leadership mindset and strategies for overcoming them.
  • The Evolved Leader
    Make the shift from managing employees to inspiring and engaging teams of diverse people. Focus on the mindsets and behaviors necessary to be agile, adaptable, and comfortable challenging the status quo while driving results.
  • Strategic Acumen & Agility
    Deepen your strategic impact through networking, cross functional collaboration, resource allocation, and priority driven negotiations.
  • High Performing Teams
    Activate a group of goal-focused individuals with specialized expertise and complementary skills to solve real challenges collaboratively and produce exceptional results consistently.
  • Masterful Communication
    Communicate with purpose and a deep understanding of your audience. Enhance your skills, intuition, and creativity to connect your narrative with what matters to your audience regardless of the channel.
  • Change Leadership
    Taken from our change management simulation data, explore the mindsets, behaviors, and leadership habits needed for successful change leadership by building upon earlier topics such as compassion and collaboration and taking a deeper dive into the power of why, personal commitment, resiliency, and how to navigate paradoxes.

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Founded in 1995, LSA Global is the leading performance consulting, coaching, and training firm that helps high growth technology, services, and life-science companies create a competitive advantage by powerfully aligning their culture and talent with their strategy. Learn more about getting aligned.

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