Building Better Leaders Workshop at Mortgage Company

Building Better Leaders Workshop at Mortgage Company
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Redwood Shores, CA – LSA Global, the business consulting, coaching, and training firm that helps life science, technology, and service companies by powerfully aligning their culture and talent with strategy, today announced results for a customized Building Better Leaders program focused on Situational Leadership.

  • 97.2% Job Relevance
  • 99.0% Satisfaction
  • 163% Knowledge Gain
  • 96.4% Net Promoter Score

This leading Mortgage Solutions Company decided to invest in building better leaders through a customized leadership development program that provided a proven road map for leading others in alignment with what they need to be successful — personally and professionally. Workshop participants learned to effectively diagnose and manage the performance, capabilities, and motivations of others based upon the situation and the desired results. They were unanimous in declaring that what they learned and practiced in class would be immediately useful on the job.

People leaders learned how to build meaningful connections with coworkers to help create exponential impact through a research-based, easy-to-understand, and practical leadership framework to manage different situations, tasks, and people differently.

After assessing people leader skills, the program had four key components:

  1. Kickoff
    Use customized pre-work assignments and assessments to help participants to frame their thinking prior to the workshop.
  2. Leadership Skills, Language, and Tools
    Conduct customized experiential activities to teach leaders the best practice approaches to successfully lead others to higher performance.
  3. Practice and Feedback
    Use robust practice and role plays along with peer and expert feedback to develop new leadership skills and consciously practice different methods on relevant and impactful work challenges.
  4. Reinforce
    Provide after-workshop support tools and resources to help participants strengthen and sustain their leadership skills.

About LSA Global Founded in 1995, LSA Global is a leading performance consulting and training firm that helps high growth technology, services, and life-science companies create a competitive advantage by powerfully aligning their culture and talent with their strategy. Learn more about getting aligned.

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