4 Tips to Engage and Retain Your Best Employees

4 Tips to Engage and Retain Your Best Employees
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Leaders Want to Retain Your Best Employees

How do you engage and retain your best employees?  Smart leaders do what it takes to get their highest performing employees — especially notoriously job-hopping millennials — to stay engaged and on the job.

Common Sense Prevails for Decreasing Employee Attrition
It’s really not so hard, say employee engagement training and management development experts, to figure out what people want from their work. Just start by thinking of what would satisfy you and what you would need to keep engaged. Then use data from employee engagement surveys and organizational culture assessments to determine what matters most for your specific talent strategy and unique corporate culture.

Four Ways to Retain Your Best Employees
If you want to retain your best employees, our employee engagement research tells us that most employees want four things:

  1. Meaningful Responsibility
    With the sense that your contribution is needed and valued, you feel as if you have a real stake in the organization.

    You will know you are on the right track when your employees feel their individual objectives, their team’s objectives and the rewards on offer for meeting those objectives are meaningful to them and their team.

    You will know your leaders are on the right track when they consistently make investments to make their people more successful, value people as their most important resource, recognize and reward people who contribute to the organization’s success, and are committed to making it a great place to work.

  2. Compensation that Is Competitive and Fair
    If employees are paid at competitive rates, they are far less likely to want to switch jobs.  Simply, pay people fairly based upon the value they bring to the organization.
  3. Development Opportunities and a Clear Career Path
    The employee who is supported, encouraged to grow and sees where there are ways to advance will stick around to take advantage of them.  Ensure your employees have a chance to learn and grow in their job.
  4. Work-life Balance
    Nobody wants to sacrifice themselves on the altar of work. The company that recognizes that everyone needs personal time to relax and refresh is the company that will gain the dedication and allegiance of its employees.

    Make sure that your employees have the resources and support they need to adequately manage work life balance, get help from their team when workloads are heavy, and know how to identify and manage stress.

The Bottom Line
To engage and retain your high performers figure out what your best employees want from their work. Start with the common sense basics listed above and then take employee engagement actions based upon data from a proven employee engagement survey to determine what else matters most to support your specific talent strategy and unique corporate culture.

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