Best of Sales Conference Keynote Speakers

Best of Sales Conference Keynote Speakers
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Best of Sales Conference Keynote Speakers: Sales 3.0 Las Vegas Nevada

Last month, insights from Best of Sales Conference Keynote Speakers representing various industry groups, including CEOs, CROs, business analysts, best-selling authors, and experts in sales technology were shared at the Green Valley Ranch Resort Spa.  The wide range of perspectives and knowledge allowed conference attendees to meet award winning Chief Revenue Officers, learn about the latest advancements in sales performance, network with like-minded sales professionals, share best practices, and stay ahead of industry trends.

Best of Sales Conference Keynote Speakers
With a focus on becoming the best sales leader you can be, the best of sales conference keynote speakers kicked off the event with a keynote address focused on the top sales moves for leaders to maximize profitable growth.  Below is an executive summary of the sales keynote:

Executive Summary: Best of Sales Conference Keynote Speakers

  • Go to Market Sales Strategy
    Our organizational alignment research found that strategic sales clarity accounts for 31% of the difference between high and low performing sales teams. A well-crafted strategy needs to be understood, believed, and implementable by those responsible for executing and supporting it.

    The sales strategy should be ruthlessly clear about who the ideal target client is, what sets the company apart from the competition, what defines high and low performance, and the two or three big bets that will drive and accelerate growth.

    Top 5 Sales Strategy Warning Signs
    An effective sales strategy leverages the company’s unique strengths. An ineffective sales strategy makes everything harder than it needs to be. The top five warning signs that your sales strategy is not clear enough include: too many or shifting priorities, the prevalence of workplace politics over performance, lack of progress on initiatives, lack of collaboration, and the need for employees to ask clarifying questions before taking action.

  • Sales Culture
    Sales culture, defined as how and why work actually gets done, accounts for 40% of the difference between high and low performing sales teams. It’s essential for leaders to purposefully design a sales driven culture that fully engages the sales team, motivates sales growth, and makes it easy to implement your sales strategy.

    Top 5 Sales Culture Warning Signs
    Warning signs of a problematic sales culture include: an ambiguous definition of success or failure, non-improving low performers are allowed to stick around, it’s unclear if “the way” creates success, metrics or rewards are misaligned, and the way “things get done” hinders sales growth.

  • Sales Talent
    Sales talent accounts for 29% of the difference between high and low growth companies. The key to maximizing sales talent is to hire people who will thrive within your specific sales strategy and unique sales culture.

    The first step is to invest in identifying money making sales skills and sales scenarios that make a difference for your unique marketplace. The second step is ensuring that your sales leaders and managers can effectively lead, manage, and coach their sales teams to higher performance.

    Top 5 Sales Talent Warning Signs
    Warning signs of a sales talent problem include having too high or too low sales employee attrition, treating all sales reps the same, a lack of sales coaching and leadership capabilities, having a generic and event-based mentality toward business sales training and development, and being unclear on the key money making skills and scenarios for your unique circumstances.

If you would like to watch the Best of Sales Conference Keynote Speakers address, download The Sales Keynote Address Now

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