Sales Alignment Video Tris Brown, LSA’s Chairman & CEO

Sales Alignment Video Tris Brown, LSA’s Chairman & CEO
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Sales Alignment Video with Selling Power Magazine
Real time capabilities have certainly changed the game for sales and marketing. It has absolutely disrupted the way customers learn and buy. Expectations about speed and transparency have increased exponentially. Unfortunately, for leaders it has also made it easier to buy and do dumb stuff faster.

Isolated sales training, systems and people moves that are so easy to find and buy now in real time typically do not propel sales forces dramatically forward. Neither sales talent nor sales culture nor sales strategy alone will produce the real-time sales results necessary to succeed. Sales alignment is the missing ingredient for sales performance.  To succeed, sales forces need:

  1. Sales Strategy
    Ensure that their sales strategy is clear enough, believable enough, and implementable enough
  2. Sales Culture
    Create a high-performance sales culture that is aligned with your sales strategy to act and respond in real time when it matters most you must customers
  3. Sales Talent
    Attract, develop, and retain differentiated and customer-centric sales talent to act and respond in real time to get the results that you desire

Learn more by watching this exclusive sales alignment video or come to the sales 2.0 conference at the Four Season’s Hotel and Spa on May 5 to here Tris’ keynote speech.

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