4 Ways to Be More Buyer-Centric to Increase Sales

4 Ways to Be More Buyer-Centric to Increase Sales
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Top Sales Reps are Buyer-Centric
The secret to increasing your sales is not to push harder; it is to be more buyer-centric.  The secret is to get to know your client and their business so well that they see you as an ally focused on helping them to succeed personally and professionally – not as an adversary in a push-pull exchange.  Remember, buyers don’t want a list of what your product can do; they want to solve their problems.

To increase sales and create long-term client relationships, you need to get beyond the mechanics of solution selling and focus on what matters most to the buyer.

How to Switch Your Perspective
In short, you need to change your perspective from you and your stuff to deeply understanding how to best serve your client.

4 Ways to Be More Buyer-Centric to Increase Sales
Here are four ways to help switch your perspective from salesperson to buyer-centric solution seller:

  1. Become an Expert
    Learn all you can about your client’s industry and business. Use whatever research tools you have at your disposal – trade magazines, the client’s web site, and published financials, industry conferences, and contacts in your network who have relevant experience.

    When you know your client’s business, you have a competitive advantage in being able to better identify how to help them to succeed.

  2. Align to Their Buying Process
    Gain a clear understanding of how your client buys. When you learn what matters most to your clients and what steps they follow as they consider a purchase, you can present your solution in alignment with their buying process.

    That means understanding the sequence of steps that leads to a final decision, who is involved in each step, what each decision-maker can decide or influence, and the basis the decision will be made?

  3. Add Value
    It is not enough to say that you want to help, you must prove that you can help them to succeed in a way that makes sense. Every customer interaction is an opportunity to share fresh insights and perspectives to gain your clients’ respect and their trust.

    When they think of you as a trusted advisor, they will seek your help as they encounter problems and situations that they can’t solve on their own.

  4. Wear Their Shoes
    If you truly want to understand what your buyer is up against, you need to “walk a mile in their shoes” and be able to articulate what matters most to them personally and professionally. If you can’t talk directly to the final decision-maker, then you better get access to people who can share the context, complications, and implications of the situation.

The Bottom Line
Customers care more about their business than yours.  Switch your sales thinking from “What you can sell” to “How you can help them be successful.”  Until you can truly understand your buyer’s needs and motives, you can’t achieve the favored status of trusted advisor and solution seller.

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