Sales Strategy Alignment Best Practices with LSA’s Chairman & CEO

Sales Strategy Alignment Best Practices with LSA’s Chairman & CEO
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Sales Strategy Alignment Best Practices Keynote Presentation at the Four Seasons Resort and Spa in San Francisco.

LSA Global, the premier one-stop world-wide training outsourcing and consulting firm that focuses on achieving measurable business results with a select group of life science, high technology and service industry clients, today announced that Tristam Brown, LSA’s Chairman and CEO was interviewed by the Editorial Director at to discuss the recent Selling Power 2.0 Sales Conference at the Four Seasons Resort and Spa in San Francisco.  

The two-day sales conference focused on the alignment of sales strategy, culture and talent to outperform the competition.  

Mr Brown kicked-off the event with Gerhard Gschwandtner the CEO of Selling Power, Jenny Dearborn, the Chief Learning Officer of SuccessFactors and Jill Rowley the Head of Social Marketing for Oracle.   Mr. Brown’s presentation focused on The Sales Moves That Make the Biggest Difference.

The Sales Strategy Alignment Best Practices session was for sales executives who think their strategy is clear enough, but risk missing targets because their team’s performance is not where it needs to be.  It included the 70+ sales moves available to improve performance and how firms that make the right moves outperform their peers in terms of revenue, profits, and customer loyalty.  Tris shared recent organizational alignment research and outlined the key actions for sales leaders to take in order to:

  • Determine if your sales strategy is clear enough to win
  • Create a healthy, high performing, and aligned sales culture that drives your sales strategy forward
  • Attract, develop, engage, and retain differentiated sales talent that can best execute your sales strategy within your unique sales culture

To learn more about how to align your sales strategy, sales culture, and sales talent to outperform your peers, download the 15 Sales Warning Signs that Your Sales Team is Headed in the Wrong Direction


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