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The Value of a Client Referral
Do you believe that time is money? Then, for Pete’s sake, do not waste your selling time on cold calls when you have the opportunity to leverage client referrals toward warm calls and new target client introductions. The research is clear – referral selling.  Getting a client referral is the smartest, most efficient and most effective way to fill your pipeline with qualified leads.

While marketing and sales must be aligned to create high growth, do not rely solely on marketing to pass along sales leads when you have the means to generate highly qualified leads on your own that come from people who know and trust you, your work, and your company. Who are these people with the magic wand to fill your pipeline? Your current and previous customers and partners.

Not only do current and previous customers know what you do but they also can attest to the value and impact of working with you.

The Strength of Client Relationships
The best salespeople know how to build long-term lasting relationships with their customers, and they know how to stay connected. Once you have established a personal connection and once you have brought measurable value to that relationship, you have earned the right to ask for and get a client referral.

Client Referrals: Who, When and What to Ask

The Bottom Line
High performing salespeople know how to ask for client referrals. They do not waste their time chasing the wrong customers. The fastest way to a qualified sales lead is through satisfied customers. Do not waste this valuable resource. Ask every single one of your satisfied customers for referrals and make sure your team does the same.

To learn more about how to get a client referral to grow your pipeline, download How to Sell Through Networking and Referrals to Grow Faster


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