Are Your Employees Choosing to be Engaged?

Are Your Employees Choosing to be Engaged?
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Are Your Employees Choosing to be Engaged?
Never forget it. Employees can choose to be engaged and give it their all or not. They have a choice and so do you as an employer. so, are your employees choosing to be engaged?

Are You Choosing to Invest in Employee Engagement?
You can also choose to care about the level of employee engagement at your organization, conduct an assessment to measure where you stand, and then directly address the areas where employee engagement drivers are low.  And you should care.  The level of engagement matters a lot to your bottom line.

Four Employee Engagement Principles to Consider
Smart talent leaders conduct an employee engagement survey that is properly introduced, effectively implemented, and part of a talent management strategy to engage and retain top talent.  Somewhere along the line, however, you will find that your leaders need to be charged with ensuring that the company is run in accordance with these four important employee engagement principles:

  1. Relationships
    People like to feel that they are working on teams where members support and trust one another. They value feeling connected to their coworkers and working toward a common and meaningful goal. Trusting relationships are built on mutual respect.
  2. Mission
    Employees want to know that what they do matters. Employees feel more engaged when they can see that the work they do is meaningful. Make sure people have a purpose beyond simply making money.  Are you making something or someone better?
  3. Rewards and Recognition
    Employees should be very clear on what they are expected to do and how their performance will be measured. When they excel, they like to be appropriately appreciated. By the same token, they should be held accountable for sub-standard performance. Recognize and validate desired behaviors and have fair consequences for sub-standard work.
  4. Knowledge Sharing
    The best companies value transparency and information flow. They share information about company strategy to include and involve all employees. Information should be openly shared in both directions from top to bottom.This means that leaders must make a concerted effort to stay in touch with employees’ thoughts and ideas. This is the way to actively include everyone in the company vision and planning.

The Bottom Line
Are your employees choosing to be engaged?  If you do not know what creates a high performance culture for your people to thrive and do their best work, then you have some work to do.  Identify what matters most and do something about it.

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