Don’t Keep Your Employee Engagement Leaders Anonymous

Don’t Keep Your Employee Engagement Leaders Anonymous
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Employee Engagement Leaders Need Help

Meaningful improvement of employee engagement starts with executive buy-in at the top and then cascades throughout the organization. And the more visible employee engagement leaders are — the more they positively influence the performance and retention of top talent.

Four Steps to Help Engagement Leaders Succeed
Leaders are a critical component to not only high survey participation rates, but also on following through on the results.  If you want to set your employee engagement leaders up to succeed, make sure you:

  1. Identify Engagement Drivers
    The first step is to use a proven employee engagement survey to measure engagement across the company so you can identify the key engagement drivers for your unique situation to set an initial baseline against which to compare progress, identify engagement strengths and weaknesses, and build a solid plan of action to increase employee engagement scores where it matters most.
  2. Find Engagement Leaders
    Once the key engagement levers for your unique corporate culture are identified, engagement leaders must be identified to set the example. The ideal employee engagement leaders are the formal and informal influencers in your organization.

    They are trusted, get things done, and are willing to consistently model the most important behaviors that correlate to employee engagement and your workplace culture.

  3. Provide Engagement Tools, Skills, and Support
    Provide managers with the necessary employee engagement tools, skills, and resources to model, encourage, and promote engagement on their teams. The goal is to make the critical engagement behaviors a foundation of leadership and fundamental management behaviors across your company.
  4. Take Action
    Employees who see employee engagement actions taken as a result of their feedback are 12 times more engaged.  Do not ask for feedback if you do not intend on following through.

The Bottom Line
As managers observe team members who excel at engagement, they should be recognized in meaningful ways. By the same token, if there are team members who do not display the desired behaviors, there should be some negative consequences. Have you identified your engagement leaders?.

To learn more about improving employee engagement, download the Top 10 Most Powerful Ways Leaders Boost Employee Engagement

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