3 Major Attributes for New Managers to Succeed

3 Major Attributes for New Managers to Succeed
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Being a Manager is a Balancing Act
Navigating the waters as a new manager is rarely easy.  In fact, becoming a new manager is one of the most stressful experiences workers face – ranked second in stress level only to a divorce by 60% of new managers.  Before you take that step to become a new manager, make sure you understand the major attributes for new managers to lead and manage others successfully.

Three Major Attributes for New Managers to Succeed
After more than two decades of designing and delivering new manager training to help individual contributors prepare for success in management roles, we have identified three major attributes for new managers to succeed. Do you have what it takes? Measure yourself against these three manager success factors to help you determine if the pros and cons of managing others is for you:

1. Rise Above and See the Big Picture
The best managers are not mired in the day-to-day tactics. They are able to understand how what they do fits into the overall strategy of the organization. They know how to plan for the future, gain the support of their team, and implement a clear, effective and aligned plan that gets meaningful results.

Managers need to be able to look at a problem, envision the solution, and break down the steps it will take to solve it with various stakeholders – often across different functions. High performing new managers ensure that their teams trust them to set the right course, clearly understand their goals and roles, and know how they fit into the future plans of the organization.

2.  Be Accountable and Hold Others Accountable
A new manager who expects their team to behave according to expectations should be ready to set the example of how to step up to get the right jobs done in the right way for the right reasons. Are you ready to adopt the old “buck stops here” mentality? The best managers understand that their success depends upon the success of the team.

It is a new manager’s responsibility to do what they say they will do and expect the same from their teams.  High performing new managers ensure that their teams know they will be recognized if they contribute to the organization’s success, are committed to making their team a great place to work, and feel that their people are their most important resource.

3.  Build Relationships and Share Information
The best managers have a knack for understanding what makes others tick and for connecting with them in a meaningful way. They are able to flex their communication style to adapt to the preferred style of others. They have empathy and easily understand others’ feelings and motivations.

They are simply very people savvy and, as a result, are well-liked and trusted by their co-workers.  High performing new managers are honest, trustworthy, and ensure that everyone has the information they need to be successful. They make certain their teams collaborate with each other while leveraging individual strengths and also provide professional growth and career opportunities for every member of their team.

The Bottom Line
The best new managers know how to build a strong, capable team because they care about and understand the individuals on the team. They see a problem and figure out a way to fix it. They welcome challenges and shoulder responsibility because they are committed to the growth and success of their team.

To learn more about how to be a great new manager, download 5 Research-Backed Misperceptions that Slip Up Too Many New Managers

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