3 Underemphasized HiPO Roles to Retain

3 Underemphasized HiPO Roles to Retain
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A Common but Risky Mistake Regarding HiPO Roles to Retain
Most talent leaders rightfully focus on investing in and retaining key players in senior leadership positions. High potential employees (HiPOS) have a positive multiplier effect on company performance and organizational health.  In fact, companies with strong succession planning pipelines grow profits twice as fast as their peers.  But not all investments regarding HiPO roles to retain are of equal value.

What the Research Says
Even though Gartner reports that almost two-thirds of companies are shifting talent investments to high potential employee development programs, these training investments do not seem to be paying off.

  • Only one quarter of HR leaders rate their talent management strategy focused on high potentials as being successful.
  • Only 13% of companies are confident they have a strong bench for the future.

What’s Missing?
Our organizational culture assessment data finds that three important roles are often mistakenly underemphasized regarding HiPO roles to retain.   Because the roles are less visible does not mean that they are not critical to company success. To stay at the top of their game, organizations must determine which roles matter the most and find meaningful ways to engage and retain those A players.

Are You Paying Attention to These Critical HiPO Roles to Retain?
In additional to senior leaders, companies need to invest time and money in the three HiPO roles to retain top talent:

  1. Middle Managers that Connect to the Frontline
    Middle managers can make or break strategy execution. Effective middle managers connect the dots between executives and employees.  Invest the time and money to assess people manager skills to see where they stand, provide targeted manager development to close any skill gaps, and do what it takes to get their full-fledged buy-in to where you are headed.

    Are you investing in lifting the performance and engagement of middle management?

  2. Subject Matter Experts Who Do Not Want to Manage People
    Many functional and technology experts are not interested in climbing the corporate ladder, managing teams, or closing deals. But they have specific expertise critical to the success of your business. You should do all you can to identify, engage, and retain them.

    Our employee engagement survey data found that, in addition to fair compensation, most Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) want learning and development opportunities to stay at the top of their field, recognition from their peers, and opportunities to work on cutting edge and meaningful projects.

    Are you finding ways to identify, develop, and reward subject matter experts that may not want to follow the traditional people leadership track?

  3. Customer Facing Roles that Deliver Your Brand Promise
    The way customers experience every aspect of your business matters. In fact, Accenture found that companies that have an aligned customer experience across all customer-facing functions are 26% more likely to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction and speed to market.

    Employees that create the top-notch customer experiences bring customers back again and again. They may be top sales and service employees; or they may be the lower-level employee who connects with individual customers and anticipates their needs.

    Are you investing in employees who have an instinct for delivering an outstanding customer experience that earns customer loyalty and repeat business?

The Bottom Line
High-potential employees (HiPOs) are employees who have the ability and motivation to rise to the challenge and succeed in the most important jobs to your company’s business and people strategies. Make sure you don’t overlook those essential employees who don’t have the titles but without whom the organization’s forward motion would be seriously threatened.

To learn more about HiPO Roles to Retain, download Succession Planning Traps to Avoid for HiPo’s

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