14 Day Micro Learning Process to unlock Potential One Skill at a Time

14 Day Micro Learning Process to unlock Potential One Skill at a Time
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Micro Learning Process to Get Targeted Behavior and Performance Change

How would you like to unlock your people’s potential one skill at a time? A new research-backed microlearning process may be your best bet. Here’s how the power of microlearning works.

Self Directed Independent Learning

First, you select from over 200 research-backed sales and leadership modules from a microlearning library that align with your priorities using a behavioral assessment tool to identify what matters most. This allows you to customize learning journeys for individuals and teams. Each person then has access to relevant 5- to 7-minute micro videos that focus on a single concept, are backed by academic and institutional studies on psychology of influence and persuasion, and enable:

  • Access to complete library 24/7 from anywhere on any device
  • Instant problem solving
  • Non-disruptive ways to learn
  • Optional manger and learning leader involvement
  • Personal learning paths tied to career development and performance goals

Support for Internal Learning Leaders and Managers to Lead the Way

While employees report that it is easy, empowering, and engaging to have access self-directed micro learning, many organizations want to provide the structure and reinforcement required to transfer training to on-the-job application. To support this process, we provide leader and learner support tools such as:

  • Individual development plans
  • Quizzes
  • Facilitator and discussion guides
  • A proven micro learning process to share lessons, track progress, and measure result

The Micro Learning Process

  1. Assign
    Learning leader or manager assigns a single-concept learning module to an individual or team based upon a behavioral assessment to target development needs
  2. Meet
    Learning leader or manager meets with team or individual. They watch the micro learning module, engage in discussion, role-play, and performance feedback.
  3. Practice
    Employees try the specific learning concept on the job with access to review the micro learning module as needed.
  4. Repeat
    This process is repeated until each individual and team has shown the desired level of proficiency for the single concept.
  5. Begin Next Skill
    After the single concept is mastered, it is time to move on to the next skill.

The Bottom Line

Rapid learning micro videos take less time, are more efficient, have higher engagement, and improve retention. The micro learning approach prevents the “cognitive overload” that comes with traditional long-form training. If you want to create the relevancy and urgency required to change on-the-job behavior, micro learning may be an important tool in your learning toolkit.

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